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Spirituality at the Level of a 9-Year-Old

Spirituality at the Level of a 9-Year-Old














Like you, my kids have their bad days, their bad moments. And like you, they have their good days, and good moments too. Let’s focus on these! After all, these are the real ones, and sooner or later all that is less than God will be changed into light. Today’s blog entry shares true things that I heard or saw my 9-year-old do. Let’s imagine as it if was your own child here, for the purpose of this is to inspire more common, everyday spiritual acts and conversations with our children!

One morning while working, your kid starts humming a tune and you recognize it, asking him if it’s Beethoven (his favorite composer).  He says, “No, it’s the new violet flame song!”

You have a habit of reading while eating and your kids pick that up. You have very conscious selection of books at your home and you find your 9-year-old reading Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King over breakfast.* Not bad for reading material!

Later your son wants to check his email because he wants to see if his guardian angel emailed him (he figured out to how to create an email for his guardian angel and he and ‘they’ email each other back and forth). I don’t suppose angels generally use email, but it IS a creative use of technology!

While building with Lego your son decides to build a 'pyramid of the sacred fire’ complete with Lego fire inside and only pure colors…no red or black or brown…his idea. The fruit around the fire is to be blessed by it. I don’t know, but it’s a nice idea. See, young boys can think of sweet and gentle things too!

While you don’t really like your kids using their fingers to write on the steamed up car windows as it leaves marks, one of the messages you see being written catches your eye – and heart. Your 9-year-old actually wrote, “I AM BECAUSE God IS”. What a deep truth for us all!

More than once you’ve heard your son wondering if this earth is really just all a dream we are living and one day we will wake up. What can you say?  Yes, in one way he is correct. Perhaps in a deeper way than any of us ever dared to imagine.

So, cherish our precious 9-year-old sons. Their spirituality is sweet and real and beautiful!


What ages are your children and what spiritual things have you noticed them doing or saying?


*This book famously introduced many to the Master Saint Germain



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