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HeartStreams Library - Messages From the Ascended Masters
DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
7/7/19 26m Jesus Jesus and Magda: The Love and Life of Twin-Flame Initiates
7/14/19 18m El Morya El Morya: America Is a Divinely Sponsored Nation of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Opportunity
7/6/19 11m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia: A Magic Ride to the Violet Planet with Omri-Tas
7/6/19 8m Mother Mary Mother Mary Blesses Our Hearts with the Loveliness of God
7/10/19 21m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara and Venus and the Seven Holy Kumaras Refresh the Earth with Divine Love and Joy
7/5/19 25m Kuan Yin Kuan Yin: Loving-Kindness Reigns in Hearts of Mercy and Grace
7/3/19 6m El Morya El Morya: Appreciation for the Threefold Flame as the Center of Your Presence
7/3/19 9m Lanello Lanello: Align with the Heart When Facing Tests on the Initiatic Path
7/3/19 24m Lanello The Eightfold Loving Virtues with Lanello
7/3/19 5m Meta Meta: Go Within and Access the Logoic Light of Your Christ Presence
6/30/19 8m Michael Welzel Twelve Short Messages from Ascended Master Michael Welzel
6/30/19 7m Sir Vector Twelve Short Messages on Peace from Ascended Sir Vector
6/30/19 8m Lady Sophistra Twelve Short Messages from Ascended Lady Sophistra
6/30/19 7m Lady Majestique Twelve Short Messages from Ascended Lady Majestique
6/30/19 7m David Lewis Sharing by David on The Hearts Center Council Face-To-Face Meeting
6/14/19 34m Serapis Bey Serapis and the Chohans Serve Us Spiritual Communion
4/28/19 14m David Lewis Excerpts of David's Sharing at the Ascension Now Panel – Bringing to Light Personal and Planetary Ascension
4/27/19 42m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Alchemical Activation of Lightworkers - 2019 San Mateo Expo
4/25/19 1h 34m David Lewis Author Talk: Divine Alchemy, Developing a Solar Aura and the Divine Mother
4/29/19 1h 46m Serapis Bey The Ascension: Serapis Bey’s New Teachings on How to Become One with God
5/5/19 15m Cyclopea Cyclopea Performs Cosmic Surgery and Enacts a Clearance of the Media, New York, and the Planet
5/4/19 12m Fun Wey The Alchemy of Divine Levity, Humor and Laughter
5/1/19 31m Mother Mary Mother Mary: You Are a Spring of Glory! You Are a Grace of God! You Are Divine Beauty Where You Are!
5/1/19 8m David Lewis The Ascension and Liberation from Rebirth vs. Full Self-Realization
5/1/19 27m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Ascension Day Message
4/24/19 1h 27m David Lewis Divine Alchemy, Developing a Solar Aura and the Divine Mother
4/24/19 20m Mother Mary Mother Mary Receives the Soul of Beloved Jerome Tweedy
3/22/19 8m Michael Knighting Ceremony
3/22/19 2m El Morya Unity Vision: the Hispano-American Website Construction Praised and Commended
3/22/19 6m David Lewis Strategies to Include and Represent IHCC Groups from Different Countries and Language Backgrounds to Facilitate Interaction and Collaboration.
3/22/19 27m El Morya Dispensations of Light from El Morya, the Divine Director and Sanat Kumara for the International Hearts Center Council and Community
3/22/19 7m Melchizedek Melchizedek and Solaria: An Anointing and Sealing in Divine, Crystalline Light
4/21/19 19m Jesus Jesus' 2019 Easter Message
4/17/19 7m David Lewis Secure a Smart Meter Defender to Mitigate Electropollution in Your Home!
4/12/19 16m Ganesh Teachings from Ganesha, Shiva and Krishna
4/17/19 39m Leto Leto: Anoint Others with Sacred Love and Forgiveness and Be Whole in Yourself
4/12/19 29m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis' Birthday Message
3/21/19 10m David Lewis Guided meditation: The Power of Meditation to Get Inner Direction for Our Path and Groups
3/21/19 5m David Lewis The Law of the Tithe Works!
3/21/19 1h 32m Kuthumi Kuthumi with the Maha Chohan: A Darshan on Establishing Physical Communities of the Holy Spirit
4/10/19 19m Lady Francesca Lady Francesca: The Attitude of Wholeness Brings the Grace of Healing Light
4/7/19 22m Saint Germain Saint Germain: The Pulsation of God's Love and the Rhythm of Eternal Joy
3/19/19 37m El Morya El Morya: The Joy of Communing with the Will of God within Families and Communities
4/6/19 19m Lady Jade Ekström Lady Jade: The Splendor of the I AM Presence
3/20/19 13m Cyclopea Cyclopea and Virginia: Envision Perfection with Courageous Love and Intrepid Joy!
3/17/19 10m Michael Archangel Michael: Befriend the Angels, Converse with God Constantly and See the World Change around You
4/3/19 26m El Morya Do You Really Love El Morya? Read His Books!
4/3/19 14m Mother Mary Mother Mary Anoints Us to Hold Her Perfect Vision and She Will Be Present with All Life
3/18/19 9m Alpha A Blessing from Alpha and Omega
4/2/19 11m Faith Poetry Inspired by Faith, Hope and Charity
3/18/19 16m Divine Director Divine Director: The Victory of Aquarius Now Fulfilled in You!
3/18/19 12m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus: The Power of Love to Co-Create a Beautiful New Earth!
3/18/19 7m David Lewis Use and Teach the New Divine Psychology of Ho'oponopono
3/17/19 7m Saint Patrick A Teaching from Saint Patrick
3/17/19 16m Mother Mary Mother Mary and Raphael: Loving-Kindness is the Key to Resolve Conflict
3/17/19 1h 1m Jesus Jesus and Magda: Darshan on Safeguarding Families through Faith, Hope and Charity
3/17/19 11m Holy Spirit Mother Mary Offers Us a Dispensation of Perpetual Prayer for the Healing of Our Families and All Life
3/16/19 9m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia: Welcome to Mexico, the Heart of North America!
3/16/19 16m Zadkiel Lord Zadkiel & Holy Amethyst: Blaze Violet-Joy Light Here and Everywhere, O God!
3/16/19 14m David Lewis Make Love Visible through Work and Service
3/16/19 9m David Lewis Pray to the Angels; They Are Great Servitors Who Protect and Encourage Us
3/28/19 16m Peter Deunov Peter Deunov: Creating Balance, Maintaining Harmony, Sustaining Peace Within and Without
3/27/19 22m Lanello Lanello: Maintain Oneness with God through Aliveness
3/13/19 12m David Lewis A Teaching on the Progressive Stages of Discipleship
3/13/19 6m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit Comes with Lanello and Clare de Lis and Blesses Us with Light and the Holy Oil of Gladness for Higher Initiation
3/11/19 19m Uzziel Uzziel and Azzalea: 33 I AM Affirmations to Integrate Compassion into Your Life!
3/6/19 22m Jesus Jesus and Magda's Darshan with Chilean Heartfriends
3/6/19 29m Jesus Bring Holiness and Wholeness to the Earth Through Collaboration with Your Twin Flame
3/5/19 31m El Morya El Morya on Transcending Self-Limiting Boundaries and Barriers
3/3/19 12m Rex Rise in Your Excellence as Kings and Queens at the Roundtable of Light
2/23/19 45m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia's Violet Laser Light Blessing for Los Angeles and All Lightworkers
3/2/19 21m Maha Chohan Be a Blessing to Others, a Boon to your Community and a Builder of a Solar Civilization
2/24/19 50m Sanat Kumara Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Finding True Love with Your Spiritual Partner
2/27/19 15m El Morya Fostering Brother/Sisterhood through Our Spiritual Practices
2/27/19 11m David Lewis Reading from Afra’s Book Living a Soulful Life
2/27/19 17m David Lewis Readings from Jesus, the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran
2/27/19 6m Mother Mary The Importance of What Happens when We Pray
2/20/19 27m Lanello Lanello on the Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Regular Attendance at Our Prayer Services
2/18/19 29m Omraam Omraam on Keys to Establishing Viable and Sustainable Holy-Spirit Powered Communities
2/15/19 30m Saint Germain Saint Germain Delivers a Fiery Clearance of North America in Answer to the Prayers of Many Thousands of the Faithful
2/12/19 23m Cuzco The Power to Be Victorious is Within You! Developing the Volition, Virtue and Virya of Victory!
2/13/19 14m Meta Meta Comes with Love to Raise all Children
2/9/19 8m Spirit of Europe Spirit of Europe Affirmations
2/10/19 18m Magda Magda: Make a Daily Pilgrimage to My Heart for Therein You Will also Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus
2/8/19 22m Fu Lao Fu Lao, Chinese Teacher and Mentor Extraordinaire, Speaks!
2/6/19 20m Manjushri Manjushri Speaks on the Tai Chi Dynamics of Living in Our Buddha Nature
1/23/19 35m Afra Afra: Another Take on Love, Brotherhood and Freedom
1/22/19 20m El Morya El Morya on How to Make the Greatest Progress on the Path
1/20/19 27m Jesus Jesus on Taking Responsibility and Accountability for Everything
1/17/19 17m Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light Collapse Time, Transcend Space to Access Your Buddha Nature Now!
1/16/19 5m Joviel Joviel Encourages Us to Be Jovial and Full of Levity and Love
1/1/19 29m Monica Every Soul is Precious to God; Every Spirit is a Part of God
1/9/19 14m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Prophecy for 2019 - 2022
1/8/19 35m El Morya El Morya's 33 Quips to Empower and Encourage Us to Live in God's Will to Safeguard Our Economy
1/6/19 35m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis Emphasizes Using the Cosmic Clock Teachings of Mother Mary on Our Initiatic Path
1/4/19 11m Maitreya Purity is the Key to Your Victory
1/2/19 19m Nadiel Nadiel Speaks on the Importance of Our Hands and Blesses Them
1/1/19 21m David Lewis Forward Into the Light of the New Day and New Year!
12/31/18 12m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform for 2019
12/31/18 13m David Lewis David's Comments after Gautama's HeartStream & The Announcement of the Ascension of Jean Morgan