HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
3/27/20 53m Sir Vector Darshan with Sir Vector (Jerome Tweedy)
3/24/20 28m El Morya El Morya Blazes Forth the Light to Counter the Coronavirus Now!
3/15/20 12m Jesus Jesus on the Ides of March
3/10/20 21m Mother Mary Mother Mary and Raphael Seal Us in a Crystalline Shield of Light
3/8/20 22m David Lewis Gaining God Self-Mastery through Love and Joy
3/1/20 2h 7m Mother Mary Live Spanish Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters Sponsored by Mother Mary
2/28/20 12m Hanuman Receive the Support of Hanuman in the Unfolding of the Gifts of Spirit Within
2/25/20 3m David Lewis Alchemy to Deactivate the Corona Virus
2/10/20 2h 12m Maitreya 2 Hour Workshop: Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living for Westerners
2/25/20 20m Paul the Venetian Paul the Venetian, the Next Maha Chohan, Speaks on Divine Love
2/21/20 34m Afra Afra: Step Up Into Your Highest Service Now
2/9/20 1h 29m Maitreya LA Expo Workshop-Feb. 9: Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living for Westerners
2/8/20 45m David Lewis LA Expo Lecture: Moving Beyond Simple Meditation to Mindful Emanation through Deep Stillness
2/7/20 41m David Lewis LA Expo Lecture: Mystic Love and the Way of Buddhic Beingness
2/13/20 57m Tara the White Goddess Tara: Emanating the Light of the Divine Mother
2/12/20 1h 14m David Lewis David’s Talk at the Amethyst Moon Gift Store
2/10/20 58m Saint Germain Saint Germain Speaks to Devotees in Los Angeles
2/4/20 17m David Lewis Manifest the Peaceable Kingdom through Divine Love
2/2/20 2h 2m Saint Germain Live English Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters
1/28/20 9m Shiva Shiva Comes to Clear and Reconstruct Our Souls
1/28/20 10m Ganesh Ganesh Brings Forth a Higher Level of Initiatory Fire and Guidance
1/28/20 8m Krishna Krishna Plays His Flute to Woo Souls to God
1/28/20 9m Durga Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati Anoint Our Auras with the White Light of the Mother
1/24/20 2m Lady Priella A Celebration of the Life of Marsha Guyette Hammon-Lady Priella's Poem
1/26/20 23m David Lewis Musings on Joy
1/21/20 22m Godfre Godfre Stands in Washington for the Victorious Mission of America
1/14/20 32m El Morya El Morya Stands in Tehran and Washington and Delivers Cosmic Justice
1/12/20 1h 59m Mother Mary Live International MU Forum with David and the Masters Sponsored by Mother Mary
1/10/20 21m Divine Director The Divine Director Imparts a Fohatic Formula to Help Us Progress Spiritually
1/7/20 13m Saint Germain Saint Germain: Be Bold in Your Visionary Meditations; Be an Arhat
1/5/20 21m David Lewis The Importance of Disinterestedness for Our Victory in 2020
1/3/20 6m El Morya El Morya's New Quips
12/31/19 13m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha's 2020 New Year's Address
12/31/19 8m Gautama Buddha Connecting with your Buddha Nature
12/31/19 4m David Lewis Marsha Hammon as a Bodhisattva
12/29/19 19m Jophiel Jophiel and Angels of Illumination Clear the Earth of Darkness and Illusion
12/15/19 12m Kuan Yin Kuan Yin: You Are Flowers of Mercy: Multi-Coloured, Beautiful, Holy and Pure
12/15/19 8m Vairochana Vairochana Emanates All-Pervading Wisdom to Help Resolve Conflict
12/15/19 7m Gautama Buddha HeartStream: Gautama Buddha Speaks on the Importance of 2020 and the New Decade of the 20s
12/14/19 16m Cyclopea Cyclopea: You Are Essential to the Divine Plan and Divine Matrix of the Fulfilment of Every System throughout the Universe
12/14/19 14m Pallas Athena Pallas Athena Brings a Dispensation of the Emerald Ray from the Karmic Board
12/14/19 12m Portia Portia Speaks on the Holy and Victorious Action of Joy
12/13/19 14m David Lewis Discourse on the Etheric Fountain at the Temple of Clarity, Vista, California
12/13/19 36m Lady Clarity Lady Clarity: Clarity on the Path of Oneness and the Importance of a Merciful Heart
12/13/19 8m Divine Director Receive the Assistance of the Divine Director to Discern Your Divine Plan
12/13/19 11m Goddess of Liberty The Goddess of Liberty Speaks on Liberty, Free Will and Fraternal Kinship, Facilitated by the Golden Rule
12/13/19 11m Nada Nada: Love Is at the Center of Beingness
12/21/19 53m David Lewis Interview with Christopher Rudy on the Wisdom Teaching of the Lords of the Seven Rays and Other Aquarian Revelations
12/25/19 20m Jesus Jesus' 2019 Christmas Message
12/24/19 13m Mother Mary Mother Mary's Christmas Eve Message
12/24/19 18m Lanello Lanello Shares His Christmas Eve Message of Light
12/20/19 20m Angel of Peace The Angel of Peace Speaks on Stillness and about Norene Kaminski
12/12/19 20m Babaji Babaji: A Teaching on Self-Fulfilment, Self-Actualisation, Self-Realization and Self-Mastery
12/18/19 10m Buddhas&Bodhisattvas of China The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of China Speak
12/11/19 1h 24m Mother Mary An Evening with Mother Mary: Experience Her Radiant Light for the Healing of Ourselves, Our Families and All Life
12/8/19 14m Mother Mary Mother Mary Speaks on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and Announces the Ascension of Ximena Urrutia
12/4/19 26m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Speaks on the Dangers of EMF and Electric Vehicles
12/1/19 23m David Lewis Divine Love Fulfills All
12/1/19 1h 16m El Morya Live International MU Forum with David and the Masters
11/28/19 9m Jesus Jesus' 2019 Thanksgiving Message to the World: A New Jewel Tree in the West for Initiates Becoming Buddhas
11/28/19 7m David Lewis David's Comments on George Washington's Proclamation Establishing Thanksgiving Day
11/28/19 12m David Lewis David Announces the Release of Our New Book: Wisdom Teaching of the Lords of the Seven Rays
11/28/19 4m David Lewis David Announces the Ascension of Alexander Reichardt
11/24/19 39m David Lewis The Magic of 2020 and Be Bold in Your Givingness
11/20/19 19m Elohim of the Seven Rays The Twelve Elohim Intensify Divine Light Within the Earth and Within Initiates
11/20/19 7m David Lewis A Paradigm Shift in Praying to Mitigate Earthquakes and Cataclysm
11/6/19 12m Soliel Soliel Delivers His Fourth Crystal Ray 'Sol Light of the El' to the Earth
11/3/19 2h 22m Saint Germain Darshan with Saint Germain and Spanish Speaking Heartfriends
11/1/19 1h 27m David Lewis Special Memorial and Ascension Service for Beloved John Bosley
10/7/19 14m David Lewis A Guided Meditation for Planetary Self-Realization
10/30/19 21m Queen of Light The Queen of Light Inspires Us to Invoke the Light Each Day
10/30/19 7m David Lewis Let Go of Excess Possessions and Be Free
10/27/19 30m Mother Mary Mother Mary on the Sanctity of Life and Etheric Classes
10/23/19 16m Cyclopea Cyclopea Speaks on the Alchemy of Perfect Vision
10/23/19 4m Cyclopea Cyclopea: Practice the Presence for Greater Abundance
10/20/19 26m David Lewis How to Spiritually Deal with Local or Planetary Crises
10/13/19 46m El Morya Sharing with English-Speaking Heartfriends Groups during El Morya Sunday Forum
10/16/19 16m David Lewis An Exposition of Divine Love
10/16/19 15m David Lewis The Choices We Make Affect Our Long Term Health
10/13/19 58m El Morya Beloved El Morya Darshan with English Speaking Heart Friend Groups during Sunday Forum
9/29/19 45m David Lewis How to Develop a Solar-Fired Aura: Morya's Advanced Studies of the Human Aura in the Falls Church, VA
9/27/19 1h 37m Saint Germain An Evening with Ascender Master Saint Germain
9/28/19 8m Saint Germain Saint Germain Speaks from Washington, DC, on Our Responsibility to Defend and Promote Freedom
9/26/19 1h 5m Goddess of Liberty The Goddess of Liberty Shares Insights on How We Can Use Her Torch of Illumination
9/22/19 17m Jophiel Jophiel and Christine: Be Messengers of the Living Word and Share Your Truth as a Teacher for Meru University
9/22/19 11m Chamuel Chamuel and Charity: Love Is the Key to Victory
9/25/19 1h 39m Cyclopea Cyclopea Releases a Cosmic Emerald Spiral in New York City
9/21/19 28m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Comes as a Buddha Angel and Encourages Us to Develop Our Buddha Wings
9/21/19 2m David Lewis Maintain Equanimity in Order to Emanate Violet Flame to Humanity
9/21/19 29m Michael Sharing on Being an Instrument of Saving Grace for Archangel Michael
9/21/19 10m Uriel Uriel and Aurora Bring the Light of Peace to Sustain the Light of God Within Us
9/24/19 17m Gautama Buddha Gautama Speaks from Boston and Releases a New Buddha Nature Image and 15 Steps on the Initiatic Path toward Solar Beingness
9/20/19 17m Metatron Metatron on the Architecture of Our Spirit and the Sacred Design of Our Soul
9/20/19 18m Gabriel Gabriel and Hope Blaze Forth the Ascension Current Into Every Disciple
9/18/19 11m Mother Mary A Teaching from Mother Mary on Emotional Intelligence
9/18/19 32m Mother Mary Darshan with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
9/20/19 31m David Lewis Raising the Light of the Kundalini and a Teaching on the Nine Choirs of Angels
9/15/19 26m David Lewis True Stillness Brings Us to Grace
9/11/19 19m Kuthumi Kuthumi on Radiating Planetary Peace from Within
9/8/19 47m David Lewis Sharing on the Sacred Circle of Oneness with Livingston Heartfriends