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Amora      April 20, 2018

Beloved Elohim Amora
David Christopher Lewis
April 20, 2018   9:30–9:46 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Good Morning, everyone. God bless you. Beloved Amora delivered a message to me this morning and I'd like to read it to you. And then she may augment it somewhat near the end. The title of her HeartStream is “Let Love Flow through You—Heart, Mind, Will and Soul.”

Let Love Flow through You—Heart, Mind, Will and Soul 

Dearest Ones,

Divine love is the virtue I know best. Divine love is the quality of God that I would invest within you. Do you desire this investment of divine love now? If so, let us reason together on how divine love may grow within you.

You have heard the great commandment to love the Lord your God with your entire heart, mind, strength and soul.1 Accept these words now as your personal commission and goal. Desire to fulfill them daily in some way, in every way. Nurture these sacred words and feed them with your awareness, your attention, your devotion and your mindfulness. Allow them to sing their song of grace within you.

Loving and adoring God is sacrosanct to the Divine Us—Heros and me, the Elohim of the third ray of divine love and compassion, beauty and harmonic joy. You may emulate us by setting aside time to also love and adore God. You may go within any time you choose and make that contact with the God-light inside and pour forth the energy of your heart, mind, will and soul in a practice of heartstreaming that is simply divine.

Heartstreaming is sharing divine love—with God, with your own God Presence, with others, with all life. Heartstreaming is a sacred activity of emanating love in a beautiful array of light-essences, of holy virtues. Heartstreaming is your daily engagement with God in which you too are raised through the vibrancy of love into a new frequency of divine beingness.

Your life becomes blessed when you fulfill the great commandment. Your aura is cleansed as you participate in the alchemy of love, this magic dynamic of devotion. There really is no greater work that you can engage in that affords you entrée into God's heart and being than shining forth your own light through this time of loving devotion and adoration.

Did you know, blessed ones, that divine love is also healing love? A great secondary benefit of loving God, self and others is that you immediately receive the return current of God's love for you, which is a healing energy, a blessing to body, mind and soul. Love heals all, for love forgives all. Love is the divine frequency within the violet flame that activates its ability to dissolve darkness and to refresh all with the newness of Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the love aspect of the Trinity, and the Holy Spirit bears love to all in an omnipresent aroma and a universal consciousness of divine beingness. When you love God, you collaborate with the Holy Spirit to expand divine love in many spheres, in multidimensions of awareness and even in multiverses of cosmic joy! You spread great joules and luscious jewels of love-light when you engage in this sacred action of sharing divine love. All are increased in the flavor of love in this holy experience, where self is nurtured and all are made aware of who they truly are in God through this alchemy of love that is expressed in this oneness state of harmony, peace, equanimity.

O virtuous ones, as I now increase the action of divine love within your hearts, your minds, your wills and your souls, feel the upsurge of the energy field within you, around you and then expanding out to embrace others who require aspects of this love, which you may share through your particular representation of divine love where you live, move and have your being. Expand this love to a new universe of awareness. See this love flowing unabated, healing in its cosmic wake all who may be affected by its power of self-transformation and of planetary resolution.

You see, dearest ones, even five or ten minutes of this expressive action of feeling and then emanating divine love may truly heal the Earth and all evolutions hereupon. You become a nexus for Elohimic love to be anchored and then to be expanded upon Terra when you simply allow your heart to be used as a receptacle for this expressive and expansive divine virtue and quality of love.

We now embrace the Earth and all of the planets within this solar family with our love, for you have called it forth through your prayers and devotions this day. You have called it forth through your daily services and broadcasts, through your classes and events. We see the action manifest through the collective of your communities, desires and goals. And this day we fulfill many of your inner dreams and desires by empowering you, each one, to know greater love, greater focus upon God, greater divine magic manifesting through your mind, your heart, your will, your soulfulness wed to God.

O dearest ones, imagine a world of perfection, a golden-crystal age realized in the eternal Now, within this moment of time and space as you experience it. Feel the upsurge of cosmic intent, as God desires all to know his/her Presence everywhere and within every moment of timeless, spaceless beingness.

As co-creators with us, we commission you to share divine love daily, to cast a new divine net of compassion to many who have lost their awareness of love, their awareness of God. Allow them to feel your godliness, your beingness in your Presence—the nondual state of perfect love, of nonjudgment. Avoid the mental analytics and dialectics of too much human reasoning, which no longer serves the higher waves and frequencies of Aquarius that we are attempting to deliver to mankind in this hour for Earth's planetary ascension and the ascension of every man, woman and child evolving here.

You become a participant in the planetary ascension, dearest ones, when you engage from within yourself in this alchemy of divine love daily—in your meditations, your devotional services, your holy times in nature and in your discussions, collaborative work and communion with one another's hearts in joy, and even in fun and sometimes fanciful activities.

Oh, how we see you, each one, fulfilled in love today, virtuous in ways that yesterday and yesteryear you thought not even possible. We are the Elohim who bring the impossible into manifestation through divine love. So when you have an assignment that seems unrealizable, dearest ones, call forth divine love and see how the magical and the miraculous will manifest and the victory will occur. Love is the key to your alchemy, your destiny and your new cosmic virginity in holiness within God's heart.

I AM Amora, loving you and wooing you to a new holy order of light in which all know self as God and, through God, truly know love. I thank you.

1. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.

David's Comments:

            Thank you, beloved Arny and Marion and all of the precious heartfriends in Canada. I had a wonderful phone call from beloved Nicola Woywitka, who shared with me about a trip that she and Marion and Martha made to visit Doreen and then our beloved Caroline. And I really thank you for this time that you set aside for being together. I could feel in Nicola's sharing just how much love was expressed, how much care was tendered and how much of this collaborative spirit of love was there in your travels, in your discussions and just being with one another. This is how spiritual communities are built and how they are maintained and how they can fulfill their purpose.

There is something sacred about coming together in oneness, maybe having a meal together, doing some activity, even beyond our devotional services. Tonight we have our once-monthly Diamond-Crystal Purity Service with a pot fortune before, here in Livingston. And this is something new to me, yet Amora asked that all of you consider having, when we have our Friday evening Purity Service, a pot fortune in your communities the same night. Then you attend the service together, if you can, in one person's home, maybe with a large-screen TV so that you can all see easily what's going on—if someone has one or you can afford one—and that you also share through the chat any fun activities or photographs of you coming together on these Fridays once a month and what transpired, maybe some revelations that you have had or victories in your local communities. And I hope that we can share them during our services. We will begin tonight. And though you may not have planned this for tonight, we can plan it for next month and beyond.

We just all love to hear of each other's victories, right? This is what our community is about—a collaborative, wonderful harmonic of brother/sisterhood, togetherness, oneness, the spirit of unity. And it really is fun; it's spiritually fun. And we have to make the path spiritually fun.

So as you close out your service today, even if you've already played that song on unity that Nicola wrote the lyrics for, and that we use the wonderful melody of “Winter Wonderland” for, play it again, because the spirit of unity is what will allow us to sustain ourselves and to grow. When people feel the union of our heart's love for ourselves, one another and them, they desire to participate.

So thank you so much, all of you, our beloved Canadians. And I give a shout out to Elizabeth and Paul Ali and Luke Campbell and others of you on the eastern part who may be watching today. If you live in eastern Canada, let Arny know if you watch these services periodically, because we love you. And we celebrate Canada today during your broadcast.

And I have to tell you that the most-watched video ever created by heartfriends in our movement is “O Canada.” And praise God for Nicola and Dean Anderson and all of the singers and Maria Min, who did the video. It is magical, it is fun and it's great that all Canadians and other peoples around the world can sing all four verses. And I tell you, this is a phenomenal video, which I even play regularly myself because I love it so much. And the energy, especially during the fourth verse, is so phenomenal! You feel that upsurge of devotion to a nation and her people. It's not something that is just nationalism gone awry. This is devotion to a common people with common interests—yes, common borders and a culture.

So let's celebrate our nations and their peoples and our cultures in the right spirit, which we do. And this was an inspired national anthem. I think it's probably the best in the world; it's better than ours in the United States, I can tell you. It is fantastic!

So thank you, the person who composed the words to this, the music to this national anthem, and thank you to the people of Canada for being true in the North. You know, the true north, pure and free, or whatever the words are in this national anthem. So I'll leave it at that, return the service to Arny. And thank you, thank you so much. God bless and have a great day.

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