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David Lewis      February 13, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 13, 2018   8:34 ̶ 8:43 am MST
Vista, California

Teaching on the Rainbow Body

The Holy Spirit and the masters would like me to continue on now with a discourse, and part of this information may also be shared tonight in the meditation that we have.

Recently there was a whole teaching on smiling meditation and that one day we will all be known as the “smiling meditators.” What came to me in the meditation early this morning before this service, as Dennis and I were sitting in silence here and I began my smiling meditation, was that the rainbow is God's smile to the Earth and to us. So if you look at it from heaven's perspective, the rainbow, this bow, is actually a smiling face, but it's from God's perspective. And it's a beautiful seven-color smile.

The rainbow is a great symbol of the ascension, because when we prepare to ascend, we ascend in our rainbow body. The Tibetan Buddhists have a teaching about the rainbow body, and this is the merkabah, the fully self-realized envelope of light that we use in the ascension process, and it obviously symbolizes full attainment in all of the seven rays and more.

I believe that somewhere upon Earth right now there is a rainbow shining. It just takes precipitation and the sun working together to co-create this rainbow. Somewhere upon Earth right now there is a rainbow manifesting, and somewhere in the community of lightworkers, lightsharers, lightbearers around the planet, someone is perfecting their rainbow body to prepare for the ascension, whether in a week, a month or sometime this year.

Many years ago we were told that for the Earth to be sustained in orbit around the sun, there had to be at least one ascension per year. Now I believe it is many more, probably seven to ten to twelve and maybe even more ascensions per year. And I think that number will continue to grow and we will have mass ascensions from the hillsides, as has been prophesied, because it is the end of an age and the onset of a new age. It's a time of transition. It is the time of the ascension, which is a type of transition, and we are all preparing for that great and notable day of our lives and our ultimate reunion with our Source, our Divine Presence.

When we facilitate this process daily through our spiritual work, we are connecting, rainbow body to rainbow body, with others around the world of like mind and heart—no matter what their religious persuasion and what their specific spiritual practice is—to incorporate God's great gifts of Spirit in our domains around the world. We are all interconnected; we are all one. And it's a matter of affirming that, feeling it and then experiencing it more and more in the unity field of beingness, which we've been privileged to actually experience in our movement through the HeartStreams, through our worship time together and all that we do.

Our ability to facilitate each person's God Self-realization by our support of them, by our prayers for one another, by the energetic love that we express toward one another and with one another to engender this brother/sisterhood is so important. And this is why these expos are so important.

El Morya himself, today, is stating that he would like me to participate in the expo in San Mateo if it can be arranged, and we have to do our due diligence, of course, for this opportunity by planning appropriately with the correct personnel. The reason for doing this is that time is short for many souls. There are only certain numbers of opportunities for people in various geographical locations to make contact with representatives of the Great White Brotherhood, one of whom I am. And of course our staff are representatives of the Great White Brotherhood. We have had great successes in the past. We had not planned on going this year because Boyd and I will be going to Chile in April, and there will probably be ten to twelve days between the time that we return and when this expo begins. However, we met the man who runs the expo and there are booths available, and they offered us a great opportunity for me to speak, free of charge, to a large audience there.

So El Morya is interested in this and would like our staff to immediately get behind it, if they can, and to make it so. I know some are concerned that I travel too much or that maybe the funds aren't there right now. I can assure you that the funds will be there and we will be successful, if we can arrange this. And with our due diligence, with our staff supporting it, and not railing against this opportunity, and realizing that El Morya is behind it, I pray that it will actually happen.

Dennis said that he can come, and he's been very, very generous with his time and his resources. And, of course, I know Cathleen would love to be there, and hopefully Deborah, although it's right around Deborah's birthday time. When we asked her she said, “Well, you have to check with my children.” So we'll have to check with your children.

There are souls who require us, and these expos are a great opportunity to reach these souls, because they do not all find us through our website or by word of mouth. Sometimes it takes us being out there in their midst for this to occur. And the alchemy of it is a sacred alchemy. The energy that's released through the Soul Raisings, as well as the other spiritual work we do in preparation for these expos, and then while we are there together—our morning prayers, our meditation, et cetera—anchors great light in these areas.

When Saint Germain came—you heard yesterday what Cathleen shared—he anchored light deep under the earth through the entire San Andreas Fault. And he went back and forth, up and down seven times—it was amazing. What I would like to say is that—I don't think has been shared—El Morya's talk the day before yesterday, on Sunday, was also phenomenal. El Morya was just a powerhouse of the force of God's will and the energy to clear the chakras and the auric field of those present, as well as of California.

Now, it rained here in Vista, I think, a little bit yesterday and maybe even the day before, and the skies this morning are absolutely perfectly, beautifully clear. I watched the sunrise this morning and as I was out going for a walk during the Rosary of Faith and doing my own prayers.

We have made a difference through this expo in the energy of this area, in preventing calamities, in anchoring the light for lightbearers and for the long-term plan of the Great White Brotherhood for this area. And we really have to do this again in the central part of California, in San Francisco—San Mateo being a suburb of it—because San Francisco is on thin ice. There's a lot of darkness there, as well as light, and we have to reinforce that year after year, if we can, for the protection of God's will, for the saving of souls.

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