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John the Baptist      December 19, 2016

Beloved John the Baptist
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2016   10:31–10:42 am MST
2016 Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
The Virgin of Guadalupe Calls You to Her Immaculate Heart: A Sacred Immersion in Mother Mary's Loving Presence
Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

John the Baptist Baptizes the Lightbearers of Mexico with the Spiritual Water of the Mother

I, John, stand in your midst, and I draw forth water from the Sea of Cortez. And I pour it upon this body of lightbearers for your baptism by water this day, spiritual water, as the very living essence of God as Mother in your midst.

You have come to the shores of this Mother that the water represents here in Mexico. Many come here for vacation and holiday to experience the warmth of this region and the water and the refreshment of it upon their bodies. Yet the water that I provide this day is for the refreshment of your soul. For you know, each one, that it is not always easy to live on planet Earth in the current time.

And so I use this spiritual fluid to wash you clean and to provide for each of you an impetus to rise higher in the light, for light is your nature. As you imbibe more light, as you drink it in and take it deep within you, you are fulfilling part of your purpose as a lightbearer. And ultimately the light within you will grow to the extent that you will be completely light.

Water is a carrier of divine light, for water is a great nurturer of one's spirit. The Divine Mother has embedded within the water her essence as her light and love for you. So though you may not dip your feet or your entire body into this water of the Sea of Cortez, yet being here with us is an opportunity to be washed clean in another way. And we use this opportunity to extend this dispensation to all the lightbearers of all spiritual movements within Mexico.

So with permission from your Higher Self, I use each of you as a talisman now, as a broadcast center of light. And from your chakras, and especially from your heart and your solar plexus, I emanate frequencies unto every lightbearer in this nation—awakening, quickening, washing clean and freeing them to fulfill their highest purpose in this life, to fulfill their reason for being, their sacred mission here. See the undulating currents of these waves of light now going through each one as the action of this washing is completed and the waves emerge betwixt heaven and earth to complete this my assignment today.

These frequencies are flowing and expanding now into multidimensions of being, accelerating consciousness, giving birth within many to a new concept of eternal freedom and allowing the liberation of atoms, cells and electrons so that each one may truly be that freedom flame. For all desire freedom, even as all desire to be loved and to love.

Many ascended lady masters are now also helping to carry these frequencies throughout Mexico, and a foundation of light is being established for your future conference next year. If you do your work, blessed ones, we may have nearly fifty-five lightbearers from Mexico there when we come again, in addition to others who desire to come from other nations, including the United States.

I, John, am going to many lightbearers to awaken them today for the greater work that we shall accomplish within this nation. So get the word out to those that you know are receptive to our message. Be bold, at times, in sharing with them the new understandings that are coming through this dispensation, and invoke my Presence to help you in this dynamic. You see, I came for a holy purpose as John to lay the foundation for Jesus, and many of you are laying the foundation for a golden-crystal age through your work also.

This is sacred work, blessed ones. This is part of your reason for being on Earth, and the stronger the foundation, the better the results in the future. So do your work well, conscientiously. Sacrifice if you must. For when your mission is complete, God will smile upon what you have accomplished.

[John the Baptist releases the sacred breath.]

I thank you for coming to this sacred place, made holy by your presence and the presence of many angels. They appear in the atmosphere now. With your inner vision, you will see thousands of hosts of the Lord gathered to answer this dispensation, to help in fulfilling this dispensation and to answer my request on your behalf.

Thank you so much. Love always.

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