HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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6/17/21 11m Victory Mighty Victory
6/5/20 27m Victory Cognize God Within, Get Active, and Live in Your Higher Supernatural Self!
11/29/18 35m Victory Darshan on the Angel of the Presence, Victory's Temple, Balancing Karma and More
11/29/18 7m Victory Victory Is Always Yours to Claim in the I AM Name!
1/25/18 25m Victory Victory and Justina Share How to Invoke the Action of Victory in our Calls and Life
12/18/17 11m Victory Victory Speaks of Honoring Our Children and Sends Ten Thousand Angels to Embed Divine Love within the Earth
11/5/17 25m Victory The Psychology of Victory
10/18/17 52m Victory Mighty Victory Speaks to Chilean Heartfriends on Love and Joy as Keys to Our Victory
8/26/17 46m Victory Mighty Victory on the Virtues of Truth, Freedom and Victory, Creating a Win-win Situation and the 2018 Australia Event
8/13/17 4m Victory 170813 Victory
5/28/17 7m Victory Mighty Victory: A New Day of Light and Understanding in the Earth
12/2/16 15m Victory Mighty Victory's Maxims
10/13/16 10m Victory Victory Mirthfully Urges Us to Prepare Our Stories of Victory that He Will Present as a Gift to the Karmic Board on Christmas Day
8/13/16 8m Victory 160813 Victory
8/6/16 23m Victory Mighty Victory on the Philosophy of Victory
7/27/16 9m Victory Mighty Victory Releases a Dispensation for a Victorious Election Cycle
8/9/15 13m Victory Love Is the Fulfilling of the Law of Beingness in You! Never Again Accept Anything Less than the Highest Victorious Image of Yourself. Renew Your Vows to Heaven to Fulfill Your Calling
8/13/14 3m Victory 140813 Victory
7/12/14 7m Victory 140712 Victory
3/14/14 28m Victory Where Two Or More Are Gathered In Mighty Victory's Name: A Dispensation From The Central Sun If You Desire To Ascend Into God-Consciousness And Solar Awareness, You Must Have My Presence Burning Within You Daily
6/23/13 3m Victory A Victorious Conclusion
4/23/13 18m Victory You Can Do It If You Try!
12/21/12 3m Victory Mighty Victory Places a Capstone of Victory Upon the Pilgrims at Lake Titicaca
12/12/12 6m Victory Beloved Victory Multiplies the Light through the Causal Bodies of Participants in the Thirty-Three-Day Vigil
9/15/12 10m Victory I AM the Victory of the Heart and Soul of All Life!
7/26/12 10m Victory I Give You The Oil Of Victory This Day It Is Only Through Love That You Conquer Self And Reach The Summit Of Being
6/24/12 2m Victory Mighty Victory Seals the 2012 World Freedom Conference
5/20/12 2m Victory Resurection & Ascension of Earth, Umea Sweden 2012
2/12/12 15m Victory It Is Time For Many More Of You To Step Forward And Work With The Angels Of Victory The Projects Of This Movement Must Be Victoriously Accomplished
11/3/11 9m Victory 111103 Victory
9/4/11 4m Victory 110904 Victory
8/7/11 4m Victory In Love We Are Always Victorious
7/5/11 8m Victory 110705 Victory
5/18/11 8m Victory 110518 Victory
3/20/11 9m Victory 110320 Victory
1/18/11 19m Victory If You Invest Yourself Fully In The Work Of The Brotherhood, We Will Add The Momentum Of Victory The Victory Consciousness Allows You To Accept The Full Radiance Of Your Abundant Life
12/10/10 18m Victory You May Be Victory In Action I Have Come To Reinvigorate You To Live Fully In God’s Presence Is An Experience You Must All Have
12/3/10 11m Victory Mighty Victory Seals The Hearts Center's 33-Day Vigil For The Economy
10/31/10 2m Victory 101031 Victory
10/12/10 8m Victory Chile Pilgrimage 2010
9/19/10 4m Victory 100919 Victory
8/29/10 21m Victory 100829 Victory
7/4/10 5m Victory 100704 Mighty Victory
1/3/10 2m Victory 100103 Victory
11/16/09 6m Victory 091116 Victory
10/26/09 6m Victory 091026 Victory
10/3/09 11m Victory The "V" of Victory in Venus, Bergvik and Vienna For The 2009 Center European Pilgrimage
9/27/09 7m Victory 090927 Victory
7/4/09 7m Victory One For All And All For One! From This Day Forward This Includes The Elemental Beings
5/5/09 7m Victory "Mission Accomplished" I Etch In Golden Fire
12/31/08 14m Victory 081231 Victory
11/11/08 6m Victory Venusian Love-Victory Embraces The Earth
8/10/08 4m Victory Be The Conquering Heroes And Heroines Of The Spirit! Rise On Wings Of Fire To See Total Victory
3/23/08 7m Victory Nothing Will Stop Me Because God Is Where I Am! The Victory Flame Is All About Joy, Joy, Joy!
12/30/07 20m Victory 071230 Victory
10/7/07 12m Victory We Need You To Step Forward To Make Physical The Plans Of The Brotherhood You Will Build The Edifice Of Fire By Your Daily Striving And Giving
7/5/07 6m Victory Angels Of Venus Descend To Seal The Victory Of This Conference! We Are So One!
5/15/07 12m Victory Our Mission: To Carve Out New Pathways For Thousands
5/13/07 2m Victory I Seal You In The Double V And In The X Of Texas
4/11/07 8m Victory Mission Accomplished! It Is A New Day Upon This Continent
3/13/07 10m Victory Our Spring Cleaning Ritual For Your Souls And Spirits You Are New Creatures In Christ This Day
1/28/07 7m Victory 070128 Victory
1/1/07 5m Victory Claim That Flame Of Victory! Make It Real In Your Daily, Active Lives
10/18/06 7m Victory 061018 Victory
4/16/06 11m Victory I AM Victory. Saint Germain On My Right And Morya On My Left. We Three Come To Deliver Unto You A Dispensation Of Light From The Karmic Board Use The Vajra.
12/22/05 10m Victory Determine That Nothing Will Take From You The Victory A Vow To Fulfill The Mission And Save The Earth
12/18/05 9m Victory Victory's Rod Of Illumination's Fire Planted At The Taipei 101 Building A Promise Of The Ascension To A Blessed Family Of Taiwan
12/4/05 9m Victory 051204 Victory
12/2/05 7m Victory 051202 Victory
8/28/05 6m Victory 050828 Victory
8/3/05 10m Victory 050803 Victory
5/16/05 21m Victory Without freedom there is no victory.
4/21/05 25m Victory Come with us and know that only Victory is real. Awaken, O world, and know Victory always!
3/15/05 27m Victory Victory is God-Love fully outpictured in your life!
11/13/04 0m Victory Victory Comes to Announce the Ascension of a Light Bearer and to Remind Us to Focus on Victory at All Times
11/1/04 0m Victory Victory Urges Chelas to Invoke God-Harmony and to Focus the Flame of Harmony in all Aspects of Life
7/14/04 0m Victory Victory on Sustaining the Divine Self Through Conscious Cooperation with Pure Being.