HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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6/18/20 16m Victoria Arcturus and Victoria: A Planetary Clearance with Violet Laser Light!
11/20/19 19m Victoria The Twelve Elohim Intensify Divine Light Within the Earth and Within Initiates
7/28/18 12m Victoria Arcturus and Victoria: Our Plan for Planetary Salvation
8/13/16 6m Victoria Elohim Victoria Comes with a Cosmic Cleansing of Violet Light
6/4/16 26m Victoria Arcturus and Victoria Release Alchemical Light and a Violet Carpet into South Africa
3/5/16 30m Victoria Arcturus and Victoria Speak on the Miracle Manifestation of the Violet Light
8/11/13 21m Victoria Elohim Victoria Speaks On The Importance Of The Flame Of Encouragement And Reveals The Presence, Name And Work Of The Cosmic Deva Couriele
8/21/11 19m Victoria Mt. Shasta Weekend Workshop 2011
7/29/11 23m Victoria Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
7/3/10 20m Victoria 2010 World Freedom Conference
1/11/10 16m Victoria Morning Meditation and Prayers 2010
12/3/06 21m Victoria The Violet Light Is The Key To Healing.