HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
8/23/20 16m Venus Sanat Kumara and Venus: Our Venusian Blessing to Seal Your Spirits in Cosmic Love
2/16/20 11m Venus Lady Master Venus: The Beauty of Love
3/18/19 12m Venus Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus: The Power of Love to Co-Create a Beautiful New Earth!
2/24/19 50m Venus Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Finding True Love with Your Spiritual Partner
12/16/18 6m Venus Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus: The Sealing of Your Hearts with Venusian Love and Aquarian Joy!
12/14/18 13m Venus The Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light!
7/28/18 8m Venus Marriage Blessing by Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus
6/23/18 3m Venus 2018 Summer Solstice Event
2/14/18 18m Venus Lady Master Venus' Valentine's Day Blessing to All Hearts
5/27/17 8m Venus The Seven Holy Kumaras Bless Scandinavia and Her People
8/12/16 9m Venus Sanat Kumara and Venus Come to Offer Their Divine Love and Support
6/20/16 10m Venus We Infuse Your Community with Greater Divine Love to Carry Forward Your Mission
2/14/16 14m Venus Lady Master Venus: Experience Divine Love on Behalf of All Life
1/27/16 21m Venus Lady Master Venus Perfumes the Earth with Her Essence
8/26/15 20m Venus The Seven Holy Kumaras Shower Transcendent Love upon the Earth
10/18/14 14m Venus Lady Venus Comes With Angels Of Love To Infuse The Earth With Divine Grace And Holy Quintessences For Our Families
6/22/14 14m Venus The New Solar Civilization Begins With Love Of Self You Must Know God As Love
5/19/12 16m Venus Resurection & Ascension of Earth, Umea Sweden 2012
2/13/10 18m Venus Valentine's Day Weekend 2010
7/19/09 6m Venus Sweden Summer Event 2009
3/15/09 10m Venus Sweden Spring Event 2009
1/1/09 14m Venus 2009 New Year's Conference
8/8/08 17m Venus A New Spiral of Freedom for Scandinavia
7/2/07 20m Venus Freedom Conference 2007
2/3/07 1h 14m Venus A New Way In Which To Walk With Me Your Victory In The Holy City
2/3/07 13m Venus An Hour of Oneness With Your Twin Flames An Opportunity For An Increase in Your Threefold Flames
3/25/07 10m Venus A Story For Children: A Special Princess-Teacher Who Became Queen and Mother of All in Her Realm
4/26/06 5m Venus The Golden Age Culture Exists Now
12/19/05 12m Venus Accelerating Love And Love's Fires To A New Crescendo And Level