HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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2/17/17 9m Suryaji Suryaji Adjures Us to Raise the Mother Light within
5/29/08 23m Suryaji Freedom Conference 2008: Be There For The Victory Of Your Soul! Move Heaven And Earth To Be In The Presence Of The Blessed Kali Mother!
5/22/07 19m Suryaji Becoming A Magnet Of Fire And Emanator Of The Solar Light Of Sirius
3/16/07 13m Suryaji 070316 Suryaji
6/24/06 11m Suryaji It Is Your Time To Be The Voice Of The Mother
5/12/06 20m Suryaji Self-Identification With The Light Of The Guru Dwelling On And Becoming The Buddha
5/12/06 17m Suryaji I Am Come To Distribute The Light Of The Mother Upon The Earth Sing Your Prayers.