HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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6/6/21 1h 3m Shiva Community Building Discourse and Darshan with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as well as the World Teachers: Jesus, Kuthumi and Omraam
1/22/21 1h 30m Shiva Ganesh, Shiva, The Divine Mother, Rama, Krishna and Tara Deliver Gifts for Our Spiritual Advancement
4/24/20 11m Shiva Shiva: I AM a Higher Part of You, Be One in the Eternal Now
4/24/20 21m Shiva Shiva: Enter the Eternal Fire in Your Heart
1/28/20 9m Shiva Shiva Comes to Clear and Reconstruct Our Souls
9/19/18 22m Shiva Shiva Speaks on the Processes of Transmutation in Nature
7/21/16 23m Shiva Shiva Enfolds Us in Fiery Flames of Spiritual Light
4/21/15 26m Shiva Shiva Delivers His Fire to Dis-Integrate the Not-Self
12/22/12 12m Shiva Shiva Comes to Initiate the Pilgrims and Blesses All with a Cosmic Pink Egg. Be All Love to All Beings
4/17/12 9m Shiva Awake Unto Your Reality! To Discover Your True Nature You Must Internalize Fire
10/11/11 8m Shiva Shiva Blazes Fire Into The Earth To Free Disciples From Patterns Of Error
8/3/09 15m Shiva 090803 Shiva
10/22/08 7m Shiva 081022 Shiva
10/18/08 10m Shiva 081018 Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
5/21/07 10m Shiva We Are One When You Dance With Me Dance With Me Daily!
1/3/07 12m Shiva Dance With Me This Day. Ignorance Must Go Now From the Earth!
12/11/05 20m Shiva Rama, Shiva, Brahma Come To Anchor Their Presence of Enlightenment, Harmony, And Balance In The Earth And Within Us.
12/22/04 0m Shiva Shiva Invites us to Dance in the Sacred Fire and Become a New Creature in Christ, in Krishna, in Buddha
12/2/04 0m Shiva Shiva Awakens Us With the Fire of the Sun