HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
12/26/16 25m Rose of Light Rose of Light's Maxims
2/12/16 5m Rose of Light A Rose Oil, Heart Chakra Blessing with Rose of Light
6/14/13 13m Rose of Light Light The World With Your Heart's Love
5/6/13 13m Rose of Light The Nature Of The Rose Is To Give Of Its Light Essence And Aroma Unto All I Am Now Pouring An Attar--An Oil of Love--Into The Center Of Each Chakra Of Your Being
8/10/12 18m Rose of Light Rose of Light on Embodying the Roseate Nature of Your God Self
4/26/10 14m Rose of Light Your Soul's Original God-Intent Is To Be A Child Of The Universe, A Specific Gentle Rose Love Field Of Light
6/30/08 11m Rose of Light Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother 2008
12/31/07 11m Rose of Light The Love Touch Of Rose Of Light I Come To Increase Love In The Earth
5/1/06 14m Rose of Light Now Receive The Rose. Be My Love-Roses This Day.
3/13/06 23m Rose of Light Morning Rosary Services 2006
4/26/06 20m Rose of Light Be Still And Know: Your God Presence Is Always With You.
10/30/05   Rose of Light Earth Must Have Those Who Can Maintain The Light Of Pure Love Be God's Roses Here On Earth.
10/30/04   Rose of Light When You Embrace One Who is in Duress or Pain, We Will Embrace That One Through You
11/29/04   Rose of Light Rose of Light Brings the Fragrance of Her Heart as a Tangible Reality of the Love of God Made Manifest