HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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2/2/22 21m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light Encourages Us to Be Fearless!
1/10/18 18m Ray-O-Light Ray O Light - Infuse the Fire of God Desire into Your Calls and Fiats
12/19/16 17m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light's Maxims
3/6/16 22m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light Sends an Angel of Courage to Assist Us on Our Path
1/20/13 9m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light Directs Sacred Rays of Light to Us for Our Victory
7/23/08 10m Ray-O-Light If You Would Bring God Fully Into Your World,
9/13/07 18m Ray-O-Light Cosmic Surgery To Remove Shards Of Darkness In Our Chelas *
11/12/06 12m Ray-O-Light I AM Here Determined With You That Each Of You Should Conquer That Slimy Character Known As Fear.
4/22/05 32m Ray-O-Light I Am come to claim Victory's mantle of fearlessness for you!
3/7/05 35m Ray-O-Light I come to inculcate within you the flaming presence of fearlessness in God.