HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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6/30/20 19m Padma Sambhava Padma Sambhava Says, "Hold the Sun Within"
9/14/16 13m Padma Sambhava Padma Sambhava Leads Us in a Planetary Alchemy in Mindfulness
12/19/15 6m Padma Sambhava Padma Sambhava: Maintain Your Practice!
3/20/15 15m Padma Sambhava 2015 Spring Equinox MU Event
8/10/14 14m Padma Sambhava 2014 Sweden Seminar
12/20/13 17m Padma Sambhava 2013 Winter Solstice Conference
4/6/12 14m Padma Sambhava Morning Meditation and Prayers 2012
10/10/09 14m Padma Sambhava Harvest Conference 2009
10/23/08 13m Padma Sambhava 2008 India Pilgrimage
11/18/08 17m Padma Sambhava I Have Written In The Skies The Names Of Those Who
7/28/08 9m Padma Sambhava Smiling In The Joy Of The Buddha's Laugh All Comes To You I Embrace Every Student Anew, For I Love You
5/31/08 13m Padma Sambhava Partake Of The Buddhic Distillations Of Light Grow In Awareness Into That True-Blue Buddha One
6/30/06 7m Padma Sambhava Kuan Yin Comes To Save You Kuan Yin, Through You, May Save All
12/22/05 6m Padma Sambhava I Bring You To A New Level Of The Tushita Heaven Help Your Mother Fulfill Her Mission
3/8/06 23m Padma Sambhava Morning Rosary Services 2006
1/16/06 19m Padma Sambhava "Padma Sambhava, I Am Now Ready For The Next Teaching And Level."
11/22/06 20m Padma Sambhava Those Who Wait For Maitreya To Appear Should Consider How They May Allow Maitreya To Appear Within Themselves. Rise, Rise, Rise O Soul And Know Your Own God Potential Now.
12/20/05 9m Padma Sambhava The Thread Of Hierarchy Is Established This Activity Is The One That We Have Sponsored In This Hour
6/4/05 14m Padma Sambhava California Event - Love Unfolding for All
6/2/05   Padma Sambhava Morning Rosary Services 2005
3/20/05 37m Padma Sambhava Morning Rosary Services 2005
12/2/05 12m Padma Sambhava Morning Rosary Services 2005
11/27/04   Padma Sambhava I Am Padma Sambhava, Teacher of teachers. Know Me. Know Thyself. Know all