HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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7/27/18 4m Diana Oromasis and Diana Come to Mitigate the Fires on the West Coast
11/18/17 45m Hierarchs of the Elementals Hierarchs of the Elementals Teach Us on Restoring a Garden of Eden upon Earth
1/12/17 18m Hierarchs of the Elementals Love the Earth, Save the Earth
5/7/16 9m Hierarchs of the Elementals The Hierarchs Of The Elementals Create A Magic Circle To Bless Life In All Realms
4/7/15 30m Diana Diana Delivers Fire and Fire's Message of Self-Transformation
5/24/11 19m Hierarchs of the Elementals The Balance Of Nature Is Essential For Harmony In All Spheres Cooperation And Integration Are Key In This Hour
7/3/10 12m Diana Fire Is Your True Nature. If You Desire A Greater Momentum Of Cosmic Activity In Your Life, Become Fiery A Visualization For Keepers Of The Lightning To Expand This Dynamic Into Higher Worlds
1/1/09 5m Diana A Planetary Clearance Through The Fire Breath Let Fire Be At The Center Of Your Being!
5/21/08 15m Diana 080521 Diana
8/19/07 22m Hierarchs of the Elementals The Four Horsemen Ride. The Earth Trembles. Surrender Human Nonsense, Sweeping Clean The Four Quadrants of Being With Violet Flame.
6/3/06 23m Hierarchs of the Elementals 060603 Hierarchs of the Elementals
5/1/06 18m Hierarchs of the Elementals We Deliver Unto Mankind The Four Cosmic Forces For The Stabilization Of Earth, Air, Fire And Water Within You Work To Establish Harmony And Balance
12/22/05 21m Hierarchs of the Elementals Come To The Heart Of The Mother" The Four Hierarchs Of The Elements Come To Assist In Calling Home The Children Of The Mother
6/19/05 15m Diana 050619 Oromasis and Diana
4/7/05 38m Diana Invoke greater fire and you shall know our intercession and presence in your life!