HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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9/19/21 3m Omri-Tas Omri-Tas Places a Divine Matrix of Violet Fire over the Earth
7/27/18 14m Omri-Tas What the People of the Violet Planet Are Like
7/27/18 31m Omri-Tas Omritas and Govinas: How to Make Earth Freedom's Star
12/3/14 17m Omri-Tas 141203 Omri-Tas
5/19/12 4m Omri-Tas Resurection & Ascension of Earth, Umea Sweden 2012
10/24/09 39m Omri-Tas 091024 Omri-Tas
12/30/08 57m Omri-Tas 081230 Omri-Tas
8/3/08 53m Omri-Tas 080803 Darshan w Omri-Tas & Zadkiel
11/2/07 10m Omri-Tas 071102 Omri-Tas
7/3/07 6m Omri-Tas The Story Of Gerald The Giraffe
9/2/06 10m Omri-Tas A Cosmic Rain Of Violet Fire Unto The Earth And Its Evolutions
3/3/06 14m Omri-Tas Accelerate Your Use Of The Violet Flame In The Affairs Of All Mankind. Write A Letter Of Petition To Me And Burn It Each Month The 2nd Or 3rd.
11/12/05 8m Omri-Tas Earth Is Becoming Freedom's Star. I Wash The Earth In Violet Flame Now.
10/2/05 13m Omri-Tas 051002 Omri Tas
4/2/05 15m Omri-Tas I Invoke A Great Sun Of Violet Light To Be Superimposed Over This City (Detroit)
11/14/04 0m Omri-Tas Become a Living Pillar of Violet Flame and Be a Focal Point for Transmutation of World Energies