HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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2/14/23 4m Omega Omega Brings Us the Peace of Alpha
6/30/22 20m Omega, Alpha Alpha and Omega: Manifest Your Brightest Dreams and Your High Ideal
6/23/21 17m Mother Mary, Omega Meditation by Omega and Mother Mary on the Water Element
5/11/21 20m Gabriel, Omega Mother Omega's Miracle Dispensation
3/18/19 9m Omega, Alpha A Blessing from Alpha and Omega
5/28/17 8m Omega, Alpha Alpha and Omega: Our Blessing upon Sweden and Your Souls
6/20/16 5m Omega, Alpha The Light That We Bear May Be Experienced within Your Hearts if You Continue the Discipline of Silent Meditation
3/20/16 6m Omega Omega: I Seal the Light of the Aloha Spirit within You!
2/14/16 7m Omega Omega: Know True Love Now!
6/22/14 18m Omega Blessing By Omega Through The Ritual Of The Cosmic Egg
5/14/10 19m Omega Sweden Spring Event 2010
10/26/09 51m Omega 091026 Omega
10/10/09 7m Omega 091010 Omega
5/1/09 9m Omega Omega Washes Clean The Records Of The Murder Of The Children Of Soweto
7/5/07 12m Omega, Alpha The Purpose Of Life Is Love Enter Into The Divine Experience Of Living A Life Of Love In God
12/22/05 3m Omega In The Silence Of The Mother's Heart, Be At Peace
7/30/05 3m Omega Omega sets her seal upon China