HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
6/21/20 9m Maximus Maximus and the Solar Lords of Cancer: Maximize Your Life with Joy!
11/21/18 14m Maximus Maximus Comes for Planetary Change, Blazing the Fires of Transmutation!
6/24/18 7m Maximus Maximus and Progeneta: Maximize Your Solar Light Day and Night!
6/13/18 28m Maximus Maximus Enfires Us with Cosmic Virya
5/16/15 23m Maximus Morning Meditation and Prayers 2015
5/8/14 27m Maximus Beloved Maximus Expands Our Crystal Cords And Deposits A Gift In The Secret Chamber Of Our Hearts Accept The Full Radiant Stream Of Your Presence Flowing Through Your Crystal Cord
4/4/10 7m Maximus Easter 2010
11/14/09 11m Maximus World Freedom Service
7/4/06 4m Maximus The Seal Of Maximus, The Kiss Of Peace Of Alpha And Omega For Your Victory.
7/11/05 3m Maximus I am Maximus and I seal you in my blue-white fire of cosmic joy.