HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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5/7/20 37m Maitreya Maitreya: Divine Compassion as a Portal to Perfect Unity
3/21/20 13m Maitreya Maitreya: Laughing Buddhahood Brings the Riches of the Spirit to All!
2/10/20 2h 12m Maitreya 2 Hour Workshop: Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living for Westerners
2/9/20 1h 29m Maitreya LA Expo Workshop-Feb. 9: Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living for Westerners
12/4/19 26m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Speaks on the Dangers of EMF and Electric Vehicles
1/4/19 11m Maitreya Purity is the Key to Your Victory
10/27/18 9m Maitreya Maitreya: Developing Mindfulness through Entering the Great Silence
5/6/18 16m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Shares Keys to Buddhic Beingness and Healing
12/6/17 53m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on the Path of the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha
9/6/17 42m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on the Liberation of Women to be Feminine Buddhas
4/8/17 35m Maitreya Lord Maitreya and Clare de Lis on the Psychology of Reactivity What We Have an Aversion Toward We Have Within Us to Overcome
1/8/17 4m Maitreya Living a Heart-Centered Life
1/8/17 43m Maitreya How to Manifest Buddhic Awareness
12/9/16 20m Maitreya Lord Maitreya's Maxims
12/1/16 50m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on Loving-Kindness during Teleclass
7/26/16 55m Maitreya Darshan with Lord Maitreya
7/18/16 21m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Speaks to Argentinian Heartfriends
6/20/16 1m Maitreya Sealing of Summer Solstice Event
6/19/16 45m Maitreya Maitreya and Gautama: The Art of Mirth and Divine Happiness
6/18/16 42m Maitreya The Art of Meditation and Stillness
6/17/16 38m Maitreya The Art of Mindfulness and Presence
3/10/16 16m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Emanates Loving-Kindness through You
12/6/15 14m Maitreya Maitreya Raises Us into Higher Buddhic Beingness
12/2/15 22m Maitreya Maitreya: Stay in My Ray - Sonship under God and Your Mentors
8/16/15 14m Maitreya Maitreya Shares Teachings on Stillness, Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the Pure Land
6/6/15 33m Maitreya South Africa Broadcasts 2015
3/21/15 8m Maitreya 2015 Spring Equinox MU Event
11/30/14 18m Maitreya Sunday Morning Family Services 2014
11/1/14 8m Maitreya Lord Maitreya Perfumes the Earth with Buddhic Peace
2/15/14 16m Maitreya The Restoration Of Your Divine Blueprint As A God-Being
4/30/13 8m Maitreya Maitreya Initiates In Us New Spirals Of Buddhic Mindfulness
3/31/13 30m Maitreya Hold Fast The Matrix Of Light Of Your Own Eastertide Resurrection
11/1/12 11m Maitreya You Have the Keys within You for the Light of Compassion to Be Embodied through Your Spirit
5/4/12 7m Maitreya Ye Are Gods, San Diego 2012
6/23/11 15m Maitreya The New Kuan Yin Rosary Of Mercy And Video Presentation The Most Important Ritual Lightbearers Can Engage In Mercy Is Born Anew Upon Earth This Day
12/6/10 17m Maitreya Maitreya's Inner Work With Meru University Students Of Course #1009, Cycles Of Cosmic Confluence
4/4/10 18m Maitreya Compassion Is An Impelling Force Of Love From Within Giving Voice To That Love Is Your Responsibility
11/28/09 18m Maitreya The Science Of Being As A Life-Long Study
10/11/09 20m Maitreya Leaving Your Legacy Of Light Will You Pay It Forward?
8/13/09 21m Maitreya A New Way Of Gentler, Compassionate Communication
8/2/09 56m Maitreya Our Sun As A Binary Star The Geometry And Integration Of Twin Flames Acing (Not Just Passing) Our Tests The Purpose Of The Hearts Center Living In Presence
4/12/09 15m Maitreya Rising To The Apex Of The Pyramid Of Being Through The Resurrection Flame Return To The Point Of Nonbeing To Discern How Your Godhood May Emerge
12/31/08 15m Maitreya 2009 New Year's Conference
10/21/08 25m Maitreya Darshan With Maitreya On Poverty, Discernment Through Meditation And Bringing The Wisdom You Have Gleaned To The World
10/21/08 36m Maitreya Maintaining A Heart-Mind Connection Of Presence With Your Guru. Embrace The Completeness Of Your Buddha Nature
11/9/08 10m Maitreya Maitreya Takes Us on a Journey Into the Heart of His Guru Gautama
4/12/08 16m Maitreya Remember Your Vow
2/18/08 1h 23m Maitreya Cultivating Aquarian Love for Golden Crystal Age
12/30/07 12m Maitreya You Can Be The Shining Ones—Jewels In The Lotus Of Our Love Enter The Heart Of A Buddha Today Be The Way, The Truth And The Life To Many
12/16/07 41m Maitreya Sunday Morning Family Services 2007
11/23/07 13m Maitreya As You Attain Christ Consciousness You May Have Access To Greater Light To Give Unto Mankind The Hearts Center's Purpose To Reconnect Hearts Who Have Vowed To Sustain Worlds Through Love
9/28/07 12m Maitreya Stand And Pray To Defend The Buddhist Monks In Burma!
9/9/07 10m Maitreya I Am Seeking Those Who Would Attain To New Levels Of Self-Mastery In The Mother Light Of Maitreya
8/9/07 14m Maitreya Maitreya And The Mother Come To Wash You Clean
7/1/07 5m Maitreya Bring Compassion Into Action
4/11/07 12m Maitreya The Remembrance Of The Love Of The Buddhas Laying Down Our Lives For Those Who Walk This Path After Us
7/2/06 16m Maitreya Freedom Conference 2006
12/31/06 12m Maitreya Prepping You For Your Eternal Flight Into The Light A New Eden Is Available To You Each Moment Of Your Life
5/11/06 23m Maitreya True Healing Comes When The Sun In Each Cell Resonates And Vibrates With The Sun Presence
7/6/06 12m Maitreya Roll Back The Darkness! Bind The Anti-Light Energies For I AM God Where I AM! Hold Laughing Sessions Immediately After Your Conferences!
12/16/05 11m Maitreya Vow To Continue Where I Have Left Off
11/11/05 12m Maitreya Ancient Patterns Of Darkness Within You Dating Back To Lemuria Are Cleansed For All Time
11/12/05 5m Maitreya See Shambhala Blazing Bright Over All The Earth This Hour.
9/25/05 14m Maitreya The Victory Consciousness Must Be Yours, Beloved Ones. We Accept No Limitations In Our Domain And Neither Should You!
11/21/05 13m Maitreya Maitreya Speaks On Doing Yellow-Ray Research For Our Victorious Presentations To The Community
11/18/04   Maitreya God Himself is Not Complete Without You as Part of Himself. He Seeks for You as You Also Seek for Him
12/16/04   Maitreya Maitreya Blesses the New Messengers and Offers a Word of Advice