HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
7/7/19 26m Magda Jesus and Magda: The Love and Life of Twin-Flame Initiates
6/23/19 10m Magda Beloved Jesus and Magda: Our Sealing Blessing for All Lovers of God
3/17/19 1h 1m Magda Jesus and Magda: Darshan on Safeguarding Families through Faith, Hope and Charity
3/6/19 29m Magda Bring Holiness and Wholeness to the Earth Through Collaboration with Your Twin Flame
2/10/19 18m Magda Magda: Make a Daily Pilgrimage to My Heart for Therein You Will also Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus
4/1/18 22m Magda Easter Resurrection's Miracle Is for Us All
3/7/18 9m Magda Blessed is the Name of God! Blessed is the Flame of God! I AM THAT I AM is Written in Fire Within Your Heart!
12/2/17 59m Magda Magda Speaks on the Importance of Purifying Ourselves
4/15/17 58m Magda Magda and Jesus Darshan with Australian Heartfriends
8/13/15 26m Magda Magda Shares Keys for a Simple Life of Conscious Presence
3/29/15 7m Magda Magda Blesses Us with a Wave of Christic Love
11/27/14 20m Magda Morning Meditation and Prayers 2014
4/13/14 15m Magda Jesus Exemplified The Can-Do Spirit Shine Forth The Way, The Truth And The Life That You Were Destined To Manifest
9/22/13 17m Magda I Have Woven New Strands Of Light Within Your Crystal Beings Rediscover Who You Are In A New Sense Of Presence
5/6/12 5m Magda Ye Are Gods, San Diego 2012
5/5/12 56m Magda Ye Are Gods, San Diego 2012
4/1/12 10m Magda I Invite All To Come To The Ancient Shores Of Lemuria An Upper-Room Experience Of Fellowship In San Diego Be There With Us To Prepare Your Souls For The Great Instauration Of Presence At A New And Powerful Level
1/23/11 7m Magda Magda Blesses Us In Preparation For Our Meru University Course On Blessing
10/22/09 15m Magda European Pilgrimage 2009
6/29/08 17m Magda A New Age Revival In The Holy Spirit With Our Lord Jesus!
2/16/08 14m Magda Cultivating Aquarian Love for Golden Crystal Age
12/13/07 29m Magda Morning Rosary Services 2007
2/19/06   Magda Mother Liberty Welcomes All To New York City
4/13/07 10m Magda Brazil Pilgrimage
4/13/06 20m Magda Easter Conference 2006