HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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3/19/20 13m Lord Ling Lord Ling: A Sacred Journey to the Promised Land of Perfect Joy!
8/28/19 18m Lord Ling Shares Details About Himself and How He Works with His Disciples
2/25/17 30m Lord Ling Lord Ling Provides Keys to Maintaining Joy and Presence
10/30/14 26m Lord Ling Morning Meditation and Prayers 2014
1/20/13 12m Lord Ling Special Services and Dictations 2013
5/3/09 29m Lord Ling The Science Of The Secret Rays
10/3/07 22m Lord Ling Lord Ling Pledges His Ring To El Morya for the Victory of the Ongoing Mission of The Hearts Center
10/20/06 9m Lord Ling Placing A Capstone On Your Trip To The Middle East
12/19/05 13m Lord Ling The Levity Of Your Soul Is Now A Necessity I Extend My Hand And The Rod Of Power To Free The People Of China
9/28/05 9m Lord Ling The Path Of Love Is The Path Of Joy And Happiness! You Must Have That Spirit Of Joy