HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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1/28/20 10m Lakshmi Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati Anoint Our Auras with the White Light of the Mother
11/3/17 30m Lakshmi Lakshmi Speaks on the Mystery of the Acceptance of our Abundance
2/23/17 26m Lakshmi Lakshmi Overshines Santiago, Chile
10/30/16 11m Lakshmi Lakshmi Speaks of Her Second Coming with Vishnu to Us Now
10/23/14 11m Lakshmi Lakshmi Shares Teachings On The Abundant Life Abundance Is And Always Has Been a Gift of God
6/19/14 14m Lakshmi Light Is The Greatest Abundance I Invite You To Krishna Land
8/24/12 13m Lakshmi An Abundance Of Greater Light Energy My Angels Come Forth To Anoint Those Who Would Be Leaders
5/1/10 16m Lakshmi Beloved Sarasvati And Lakshmi Place A Miniaturized Replica
1/1/09 17m Lakshmi Spherical Awareness Through A Mother's Touch
11/16/08 11m Lakshmi A New Spiritual Impetus For The Full Illumination Of Your World
4/15/06 22m Lakshmi Receive Our Filigree Shawl Of Protecting Light