HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
6/21/18 25m K-17 K-17: The Inner Work of Stewards of Truth
4/29/18 5m K-17 K-17 Sends an Emerald Ray of Light into Our Third Eyes for the Acceleration of Higher Vision
1/13/18 26m K-17 K-17 Be Aware, Awake, Mindful and Heart-Centered!
12/6/17 18m K-17 K-17 and Cyclopea Radiate the Light of Cosmic Truth
12/20/16 12m K-17 K-17's Maxims
12/19/15 20m K-17 K-17's Year-end State of the World Report
12/19/15 27m K-17 K-17's Year-end State of the World Report for Hearts Center Staff Only
2/20/15 32m K-17 K-17 Enlists Us In The Work Of The Cosmic Secret Service
10/19/11 21m K-17 Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
7/2/11 27m K-17 2011 World Freedom Conference
7/2/11 17m K-17 2011 World Freedom Conference
1/12/08 17m K-17 Morning Rosary Services 2008
9/8/07 14m K-17 Be Prepared! Take Stock And Secure The Resources You Require To Sustain Your Life!
7/3/07 24m K-17 The Yearning For Freedom:
5/9/07 15m K-17 Morning Rosary Services 2007
1/28/07 5m K-17 A New Spiral of Freedom for America
6/30/06 15m K-17 Seeing Is The Key To The Victory This Is How We Will Build A Golden Age -- Sun By Sun, You See
11/11/05 7m K-17 The Requirement For Your Continued Invocations In This Hour.
4/25/05   K-17 God Has Need of You
5/18/05   K-17 K-17 on God Vision
11/5/04   K-17 K17: I Come to Proclaim Victory and Yet to Caution all Students of the Light