HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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11/17/20 18m Justinius Justinius: Magnify Your Divine Oneness through Holy Communion with the Seraphim
3/11/16 29m Justinius Serapis Bey Escorts Us at Luxor to Witness the Ascension Process
10/12/12 19m Justinius Justinius and His Legions Bring the Light of Ascension's Currents
9/16/11 11m Justinius 110916 Justinius
8/5/07 58m Justinius Justinius: Be Spiritually Attuned and Allow God to Sing Through You Throughout the Day Afra: Freedom for All as All Understand the Law of the One
6/8/07 11m Justinius 070608 Justinius
1/12/07 17m Justinius Leading The Armies Of Heaven Into Battle With Archangel Michael And Legions Of The White Ray
5/5/06 11m Justinius Accept Yourself As A Starry Being This Day And Every Day!
4/8/05 30m Justinius Seek the simple joys of knowing the Mother's love for you by offering your devotion each hour through works of charity, kindness and compassion.