HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
8/22/20 16m Himalaya Lord Himalaya: Enter the Blue Lotus Radiance of My Heart
7/11/18 8m Himalaya Himalaya: Overcoming the Dissonance of the Lower Self through the Resonance of the Higher Self
11/18/15 17m Himalaya Guided Emanation Meditation Led by Himalaya
11/18/15 15m Himalaya Himalaya Provides Keys to Inner Stillness
3/8/15 23m Himalaya Accessing the Miracle Light of God through the Fire of the Heart, Humility, Stillness and Serenity
11/7/14 23m Himalaya Lord Himalaya Explains the Importance of Developing Inner Stillness
6/16/13 23m Himalaya The Soundless Sound Of Silence The Key To Your Freedom Is Inner Oneness With Your Source Saint Germain To Offer A Course On Meditation
5/5/12 1m Himalaya Ye Are Gods, San Diego 2012
12/28/10 36m Himalaya The Key To The Victory Of Our Movement Is Inner Stillness Entering Into A Higher Level Of Love Conquer Self By Accepting God Within
10/27/08 40m Himalaya 2008 India Pilgrimage
10/25/08 17m Himalaya 2008 India Pilgrimage
6/18/08 19m Himalaya Morning Rosary Services 2008
8/14/07 7m Himalaya Rest In God In Stillness
6/6/07 7m Himalaya Listen To The Sound Of Silence, The Voice Of Peace, The Emanation Of Love Where I Am Within You
11/13/05 8m Himalaya I Take Five Of You Today As My Chelas. Ye Know Who Ye Are.