HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
10/6/20 24m Hercules Hercules Speaks on Pure Faith
8/4/20 4m Hercules Hercules Ratifies Blue-Sphere Calls of Heartfriends to El Morya
6/18/20 10m Hercules Hercules and Amazonia: Create New Worlds As We Do!
4/7/20 16m Hercules Hercules Comes to Revitalize and Unite the Earth in Light
11/20/19 19m Hercules The Twelve Elohim Intensify Divine Light Within the Earth and Within Initiates
6/1/17 26m Hercules Hercules Stands on Mount Shasta and in the Center of the Earth for Elohimic Intercession for Our Planet and Her People!
10/8/16 10m Hercules Hercules and Amazonia Empower South American Pilgrims with the Initiation of Messengership and the Light of Victory
5/7/16 6m Hercules You May Be Focal Points For The Distribution And Dissemination Of Light From The Great Central Sun Rise Into An Awareness Of New Co-creativity With The Divine One
8/9/15 11m Hercules Hercules Provides Keys for the Clearing of the Atmosphere, the Minds of Mankind and Our Throat Chakras
1/18/15 29m Hercules Hercules Excites The Earth's Atmosphere With A Charge Of Blue-Fire Light
8/19/14 11m Hercules Elohim Hercules Comes For A Planetary Clearance It Is Time For You To Be Reborn In Spirit
8/20/13 19m Hercules Embrace The True-Blue Essence Of Your Godhood Study The Science Of The Words I AM THAT I AM And Use Them Daily
6/20/13 24m Hercules Get Ahold of Your Self!
11/5/12 13m Hercules Hercules Invests The Blue-Fire Light Of God Within Disciples Of The Lord Announcement Of A 2013 Meru University Class On The Divine Economy
11/1/11 41m Hercules Further Cosmic Clock Understanding Through The Heart Of Hercules
10/25/11 21m Hercules Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
8/21/11 19m Hercules Mt. Shasta Weekend Workshop 2011
7/29/11 23m Hercules Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
7/5/11 48m Hercules Hercules' Labor Of Love Protect All Waterways In America And The World: Saving Our Water, Saving Our Planet Our Assignment Is To First Master Our Emotional Body Using The Aqua-Teal Ray Affords Us Greater Mastery Of Water
6/14/11 2m Hercules Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
1/13/11 9m Hercules I Support You In The Move To Your New Livingston Sanctuary The Drawing Up Of The Energies From One Sanctuary And The Rekindling Of The Flowfield In The New
10/11/10 14m Hercules A Clearance of Ancient Lemurian Records. Play the Music of the Elohim and Master the Seven Rainbow Rays in Your World!
7/2/10 17m Hercules 2010 World Freedom Conference
1/11/10 16m Hercules Morning Meditation and Prayers 2010
8/4/09 15m Hercules Morning Meditation & Prayers 2009
7/3/09 13m Hercules Understand that Within the Labor Itself New Possibilities Arise As These Assignments Are Fulfilled
5/5/09 12m Hercules A Labor Of Love Compiling A Compendium Of Ascended Master Knowledge On Africa
4/23/09 11m Hercules Morning Meditation & Prayers 2009
1/3/09 5m Hercules 2009 New Year's Conference
10/10/08 11m Hercules Morning Rosary Services 2008
7/4/08 17m Hercules Prepare For The New Shift Of 2012 And The Greater Frequencies Of Cosmic Rays A New Labor To Produce Five New Publicationswithin Twelve Months
1/1/08 26m Hercules Light is the Alchemical Key
1/26/07 11m Hercules A New Spiral of Freedom for America
7/4/06 27m Hercules A Herculean Labor For And On Behalf Of The Children And Youth Of America And The World; The Founding Of All Hearts Centers Envisioned For This Twelve-Year Dispensation By The Great Divine Director
4/29/06 9m Hercules You Are Our Hands And Feet—You Are The Elohim In Action Do Not Hesitate To Speak The Truth
4/30/06 9m Hercules New Living Expo - San Francisco
6/2/06 18m Hercules Charge the Earth with Violet Fire - Fresno
6/4/06 9m Hercules Charge the Earth with Violet Fire - Fresno
12/5/06 23m Hercules Each Of You Can Be An Instrument For The Saving Of The Youth
3/4/06 5m Hercules Come To The Heart Of California To Prevent Cataclysm And For The Salvation Of Many.
11/18/06 26m Hercules Learn To Listen And To Obey. Then You Will Make Great Strides And Progress.
9/17/05 4m Hercules Hercules comes to anchor a rod of power and a circle of fire around the Twin Cities.
10/7/05 11m Hercules For The Stabilization Of The Atoms And Molecules Of Not Only This Nation But Of Every Nation On Earth.
8/12/05 11m Hercules Hercules comes to deliver the fire of the blue ray for the acceleration of light and for the consuming of darkness
7/1/05 27m Hercules Freedom Conference 2005
6/3/05 6m Hercules Amplify this rod of power and this rod of wisdom through the fire of your heart for a balanced action of love, wisdom and power to be sustained.
3/27/05 31m Hercules Come forward and declare before the altar of Almighty God the messengership that you this day would receive!
3/22/05   Hercules I come to release the sacred fire of blue lightning from the invincible Mind of God this day!
11/8/05 2m Hercules Hercules Radiates His Fire For The Pinning, Binding, And Removing Of Certain Astral Viruses In The Earth.