HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
4/20/18 14m Goddess of Light A Visit to the Planet of Purity
12/29/16 28m Goddess of Light Goddess of Light's Maxims
6/20/14 12m Goddess of Light The Three-In-One Come For The Raising Of The Kundalini And The Blessing Of Earth There Is Always a Way Out of Every Dilemma—And The Way Is Through Light
9/14/12 11m Goddess of Light To Manifest Greater Light, Accept God's Life Deep within You
5/14/10 15m Goddess of Light The Spiritual Science Of Light As Your Essential Nature I Release A Waterfall Of Light Around You And Throughout Scandinavia
12/30/07 13m Goddess of Light Light is the Alchemical Key
7/6/07 7m Goddess of Light A Dispensation To Accelerate Transmutation In Africa
12/4/05 19m Goddess of Light Freedom's Flame Rekindled in the Heart of America
2/20/05 17m Goddess of Light The Goddess of Light wraps us in her iridescent white fire presence.
11/16/04   Goddess of Light If You Would Be More of God You Must Increase Light Within Your Forcefield