HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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8/23/20 10m Goddess Meru God and Goddess Meru: Accept Our Solar Rays of Light Within Earth Now!
12/1/17 18m Goddess Meru God and Goddess Meru Seed the Earth with Engrams of Solar Joy
6/18/17 21m Goddess Meru Goddess Meru: The Feminine Virtues of Solar Awareness
4/13/17 55m Goddess Meru Goddess Meru on the Miracle of Handel's Messiah plus a Darshan on a South American Retreat over Argentina
1/2/09 17m Goddess Meru 2009 New Year's Conference
4/8/07 18m Goddess Meru The Passing Of The Torch And The Acceleration Of The Mission To Teach Men The Way
2/12/06 18m Goddess Meru Atlantis Rising in Violet Light