HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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4/22/22 7m Fortuna Perfect Vision Leads to Great Abundance for Servitors of Love and Light
12/13/16 28m Fortuna Fortuna's Maxims
9/27/15 6m Fortuna 150927 Fortuna
9/27/15 4m Fortuna 150927 Fortuna
9/27/15 24m Fortuna Being a Conscious Giver of the Abundant Life
8/30/15 4m Fortuna Fortuna Blesses The Fortuna Gold Bars
9/2/14 22m Fortuna Fortuna Comes With A Personal Dispensation Of Abundance For Heartfriends And For The Hearts Center
6/20/14 17m Fortuna The Abundance Within Nature A Gift Of Presence From Fortuna's Angel
12/12/12 16m Fortuna The Allness Of True Abundance Arises From The Inner Sanctum Of Your Being
10/9/12 12m Fortuna Fortuna Brings Keys For Greater Abundance
3/24/12 13m Fortuna Those Who Seek God First Are Blessed With God's Abundance
7/2/11 30m Fortuna A New Flowering Of Your Abundant Life
1/1/11 26m Fortuna Replenishing Our Cosmic Abundance
8/28/10 7m Fortuna Grateful Givingness And God's Immutable Law of Compensation
6/30/09 28m Fortuna Clearance Ritual For Greater Individual Abundance
6/1/08 18m Fortuna Beloved Fortuna Offerscongratulations On The Fundraising Efforts For The Wellspringretreat Using The "Om
3/21/08 12m Fortuna Opening A Cosmic Cornucopia Of Abundance During A Spring Prayer Vigil
1/9/08 16m Fortuna I Come To Inaugurate A New Cycle Of Abundance
9/6/07 5m Fortuna I Am The All-Abundance Of God For And On Behalf Of Every Lightbearer Receive The Gifts And Graces Of The Spirit
5/20/07 14m Fortuna With Joy, Experience The Miracle Manifestation Of All God's Love-Wisdom Virtues
7/12/06 18m Fortuna An Emerald Tablet Of Light-- A Gift To Magnetize Your Rightful Abundance From Your Causal Body To Fulfill Your Mission
6/14/06 27m Fortuna Let Your Abundance Grow This Day! Teaching On The Cosmic Circular Divine-Qualities Treasure Map