HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/18/20 24m Cyclopea The Karmic Board & El Morya The Karmic Board and El Morya: The State of Affairs on Planet Earth and in America
6/20/20 1h 59m Cyclopea Cyclopea and Virginia: Wholeness through Nature’s Emerald Streams
12/14/19 16m Cyclopea Cyclopea: You Are Essential to the Divine Plan and Divine Matrix of the Fulfilment of Every System throughout the Universe
11/20/19 19m Cyclopea The Twelve Elohim Intensify Divine Light Within the Earth and Within Initiates
10/23/19 16m Cyclopea Cyclopea Speaks on the Alchemy of Perfect Vision
10/23/19 4m Cyclopea Cyclopea: Practice the Presence for Greater Abundance
9/25/19 1h 39m Cyclopea Cyclopea Releases a Cosmic Emerald Spiral in New York City
5/5/19 15m Cyclopea Cyclopea Performs Cosmic Surgery and Enacts a Clearance of the Media, New York, and the Planet
3/20/19 13m Cyclopea Cyclopea and Virginia: Envision Perfection with Courageous Love and Intrepid Joy!
12/5/16 27m Cyclopea Cyclopea's Maxims
10/9/16 19m Cyclopea The Emerald Ray Masters Radiate Their Light to Stabilize the Economy and for the Victory in the Light of All Sentient Beings
7/20/16 22m Cyclopea Cyclopea: Behold Perfection of the Divine Light within You and the World
10/28/15 10m Cyclopea Cyclopea and Virginia Lead Us in Radiating God-Vision to the Earth
7/23/15 31m Cyclopea Spanish Services 2015
1/11/15 13m Cyclopea Cyclopea Blazes Forth the Emerald Ray into Our World
10/21/14 27m Cyclopea To Behold Self As God Is A Key For All To Manifest God-Consciousness Co-Create With Us!
2/21/12 17m Cyclopea Jesus Lends The Momentum Of His Causal Body To The Hearts Center Movement As One Of Its Sponsoring Masters For 2012 We Lock Within The Atmosphere Of Earth A Vision Of A New Age— A Garden Paradise Of Light Come Again Seek Ways And Means Of Extending Y
8/21/11 19m Cyclopea Mt. Shasta Weekend Workshop 2011
8/7/11 8m Cyclopea Clearance Of The Anti-Music Of The Spheres And Perversions Of Art Raising The Earth In Sacred Fire For The Victory Of The Light Worldwide
7/3/11 19m Cyclopea It Is Up To You To Co-Create Your World With Great Joy And Beauty
7/29/11 23m Cyclopea Morning Meditation and Prayers 2011
6/14/11 5m Cyclopea I Come With A Dispensation For Personal Abundance For You Who Call to Me Within the Next 24 Hours
6/30/10 16m Cyclopea A Cosmic Visioning Session With The Elohim
1/11/10 16m Cyclopea Morning Meditation and Prayers 2010
11/14/09 16m Cyclopea You Are The Key To The Resurrection Of The Divine Economy
4/29/09 10m Cyclopea The Science Of Movement In Creation
4/29/09 11m Cyclopea Behold! Always Behold With Me That Perfection Of Pure Beingness In God
12/31/08 24m Cyclopea In The New Age, Science And Spirituality Merge As One True Science
6/2/07 11m Cyclopea Earth Must Be Raised With A New Vision Of Purity Wash The Earth In Violet Fire!
1/28/07 5m Cyclopea The All-Seeing Eye Of God Is Upon The Leadership Of This Land I Seal You Now In The Radiant Emerald Light From My Eye
12/30/06 15m Cyclopea Through Single-Eye Vision You May Understand The Nature Of The One See As God Sees And Know As God Knows
6/4/06   Cyclopea I Invite You To Be Holy, Whole-Eye Ones This Day This Is The New Meaning Of "Holy" That I Give To You Cyclopea's Smile Ensconced Upon Our Own Third Eye
12/6/06   Cyclopea I Draw You Into The All-Seeing Eye For A Season.
12/20/05 10m Cyclopea Know My Vision You Will See Reality Moving To Victory Through The Stream Of My Heart
11/12/05 11m Cyclopea Victory Is Not An Option—It Is The Only Way Beloved Cyclopea Delivers The Vision Of Your Victory Now!
3/30/05 5m Cyclopea I am come to spin the earth in the Eye of God.
2/18/05 13m Cyclopea God's vision of your world is one of purity, of divine knowing and of freedom for all.
11/20/04   Cyclopea If You would Get God, Then See God in Yourself, in Others and in Everything!