HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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8/28/19 8m Cuzco Surya and Cuzco Increase Solar Radiation to the Earth to Raise Consciousness
2/12/19 23m Cuzco The Power to Be Victorious is Within You! Developing the Volition, Virtue and Virya of Victory!
5/30/18 16m Cuzco Cuzco Delivers a Planetary Clearance and Tells Us to Eat Fire and Drink Light
10/9/16 8m Cuzco I Love You in the Light!
7/31/16 20m Cuzco Cuzco Releases a Dispensation Supporting the Placement of Chembusters around the World
12/28/14 14m Cuzco Sunday Morning Family Services 2014
9/4/14 25m Cuzco It Is Time That The Light Prevails Fully On Earth
2/14/14 19m Cuzco Cuzco Brings Divine Formulae For The Salvation Of The Earth
9/20/13 21m Cuzco It Is Your Turn To Fully Embody The Divine Sciences In Your Life Greater Harmony And The Mastery Of Stillness Are The Requirements Of The Hour
2/22/11 28m Cuzco Your Resources Are Required In The Fire Ring To Allow For The Saving Of Life, For Ascended Master Love To Flow Forth To Islands And Peoples And Continents
1/3/09 24m Cuzco The Science Of Cosmic Worlds
9/30/08 12m Cuzco Earth Receives Great Solar Energies For The Stabilization Of What Is True And Real
4/10/07 13m Cuzco A Cosmic Rod Of Blue-Fire Power Is Placed Deep Within The Earth For The Stabilization Of The South American Continent
12/21/05 18m Cuzco Call To Surya And Cuzco For The Stabilization Of The Pacific Fire Ring And The Foiling Of Plans Being Hatched On The Astral Plane
5/23/06 18m Cuzco Stand Firm In Your Resolve To Win Your Ascension: Know Immortal Fire This Day!
12/22/06 15m Cuzco Through Conscious Awareness Become That Anchor-Point Of Light
6/3/05 5m Cuzco A Warning Of Potential Cataclism In California That Can Be Averted Through Prayer Invoke The Light Of Hercules And The Violet Fire To Seal The Earth In Cosmic Fire
2/6/05 15m Cuzco Cuzco says we can be his electrodes in the earth and sustain a great balance where we live.
10/18/05   Cuzco On The California Missions Tour, See Yourselves In The Role Of Cosmic Beings.
9/4/05 4m Cuzco Surya anchors light in the earth for the sustaining of the balance of the earth through Cuzco
11/27/05 14m Cuzco God-Government Is Needed Upon Earth When You See Injustice Call Forth The Mighty Blue Eagle The Light Of Sirius Is A Key To The Victory Of Earth