HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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3/2/18 19m Cosmos Mighty Cosmos Speaks on Our Inner and Outer Cosmos
5/23/14 19m Cosmos The Import Of The Friday Evening Diamond-Crystal Purity Services Assimilate The Light Of Cosmos Within Your Auric Field And Know A New Radiance Of Star-Fire Beingness
3/23/13 20m Cosmos Learn To Be Still I Initiate You If You Choose To Be Disciplined Ones
12/15/12 8m Cosmos Realize Your Cosmic Potential to be a Sun Source of Love and Radiant Light-Energy for the Earth
7/3/09 20m Cosmos A Journey Upon Maitreya's Clipper Ship Through a Starry Cornucopia of Numberless Galaxies
5/25/07 6m Cosmos Be On Time, Accelerate the Secret Rays and Use The Science of Mudra!
12/31/06 20m Cosmos We Have Come To Initiate You In The Secret-Ray Solar Fires From The Center Of The Cosmos, I Come. And I Am Here In This Place To Displace That Within You Which Is Unreal.
7/4/06 9m Cosmos Be Up And Doing! Learn From Children The Joy Of This Newfound Path.
6/3/05 7m Cosmos 050603 Cosmos