HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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4/27/22 17m Arcturus The Shift Has Occurred - Be Transformed in Our Resurrection Light
2/26/22 18m Elohim of the Seven Rays The Elohim Proclaim a New Era of Freedom, Liberty and Love
9/19/21 13m Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria: God-Freedom Is the Means to Planetary Ascension
7/28/21 17m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays Inspire Us to Maintain Our High Ideal
1/1/21 25m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays: We Energize Your Vision of a New Blue Earth
6/18/20 16m Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria: A Planetary Clearance with Violet Laser Light!
11/20/19 20m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Twelve Elohim Intensify Divine Light Within the Earth and Within Initiates
7/28/18 12m Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria: Our Plan for Planetary Salvation
6/4/16 27m Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria Release Alchemical Light and a Violet Carpet into South Africa
3/5/16 31m Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria Speak on the Miracle Manifestation of the Violet Light
1/24/15 26m Arcturus Arcturus Blazes Forth The Light Of The Seventh Ray For Cosmic Justice To Manifest In Africa
1/7/14 15m Arcturus Wielding Ampoules Of Cosmic Violet Ray Energy, Elohim Arcturus And Victoria Come To Surround Earth And The Pacific Fire Ring In Answer To Our Fiery Calls Sacred Fire Blazes! Through The Pacific Ocean And The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant And the Record
10/29/11 12m Arcturus 111029 Arcturus
8/21/11 19m Elohim of the Seven Rays 110821 Elohim of the Seven Rays
7/29/11 23m Elohim of the Seven Rays 110729 Elohim of the Seven Rays
1/30/11 16m Arcturus Arcturus Delivers Spiritual Fire And A Plan For The Freedom Of Africa
10/31/10 9m Arcturus 101031 Arcturus
7/3/10 21m Arcturus 100703 Arcturus and Victoria
1/20/10 20m Arcturus 100120 Arcturus
1/11/10 16m Elohim of the Seven Rays 100111 Elohim of the Seven Rays
7/4/09 14m Arcturus Rise Up in Purpose and Know Your Presence As Co-Creators
5/2/09 22m Arcturus A Bedtime Story From Our Godparents, The Elohim Understanding The Mysteries Of Life By Returning To Your Childlike Nature
4/7/07 17m Arcturus 070407 Arcturus
12/3/06 21m Arcturus The Violet Light Is The Key To Healing.
7/1/06 13m Arcturus 060701 Arcturus
5/1/06 10m Arcturus You Can Be Alchemy In Action For Me We Seek Those Who Can Be Change Agents For Us
4/22/06 10m Arcturus I Arcturus Invite You To Come Step Upon The Soil Of Africa