HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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5/1/22 9m Gabriel Gabriel Trumpets the Call to All Souls to Respond to God and Obey the Christ Within
9/12/21 11m Seven Archangels The Archangels Wield the Divine Solutions to Every Devilish Entrapment, Dire Situation and Debilitating Disease
5/11/21 20m Gabriel Mother Omega's Miracle Dispensation
3/26/21 19m Gabriel Choose to Live in the Eternality of Your Divine Self
7/24/20 16m Gabriel We Are Ready to Perform Miracles - You Must Make the Calls
9/20/19 18m Gabriel Gabriel and Hope Blaze Forth the Ascension Current Into Every Disciple
6/22/19 21m Seven Archangels The Archangels of the Seven Rays Invest Their Light for the Flowering of Divinity in the New Renaissance of Aquarius.
6/21/19 17m Gabriel Archangel Gabriel and Hope: Purity Is the Key to Bringing Forth the Children of Aquarius
10/12/18 19m Gabriel Gabriel and Hope Announce the Shortening of the Days for the Elect
3/16/18 17m Gabriel Gabriel Inspires Us to Magnify the Lord unto Our Ascension
9/21/17 32m Gabriel The Many Facets of Hope Hope Springs Eternal
6/19/15 7m Gabriel Gabriel Initiates Us in the Light of the Ascension Fires of God
3/28/14 15m Gabriel In Support Of The 40 Days For Life Vigil
2/13/14 12m Gabriel Staying Connected With Your Source Is Key To Maintaining Hope Utilize The Gifts Of The Spirit That You Have Within The Core Of Your Identity
9/27/13 22m Gabriel Gabriel Trumps His Horn, Calling More To Experience Their Divine Nature, And He Chants, Blessing The Entire Earth With Crystalline Light Essences Gabriel Shares The Importance Of The Upcoming Meru University Course With The Archeiai
3/1/13 22m Gabriel Gabriel Comes To Remind Us Of Our Divine Calling Go Forth And Fulfill Your Destiny And Give Birth To A New Earth Through Love
7/24/12 6m Gabriel Archangels Michael and Gabriel Bless and Ensoul Two Ornate Russian Glass Eggs
4/22/11 27m Gabriel I Come To Invest Within You A Solar-Fire Radiance Of Hope And The Currents Of Purity The Importance Of Your Daily Prayers In The Blessing Of The Earth A Grand Experiment: The Pooling Of Prayers From Many Nations
10/9/10 7m Gabriel I Announce to You this Day a Shift in the very Ethers of this Earth
11/7/08 9m Gabriel I Bring A Crystal Sword Of Hope! Be Visionaries Of The Spirit With Us! A Sacred Chant For The Flowering Of The Divinity Of Hope For Mankind
9/7/08 9m Gabriel The Changing of Cycles: Enter the Fire of This Cycling and Move into Higher Presence and New Frequencies of the Spirit
6/15/07 11m Gabriel 070615 Gabriel
5/27/06 25m Seven Archangels The Archangels Come Bringing The Power Of Love
7/8/05 3m Gabriel 050708 Gabriel
12/3/04 0m Gabriel Kneel Now and Receive God's Grace This Night, For You Have Received the Touch of Gabriel