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Astrea      June 14, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by Mighty Astrea)
June 14, 2018   7:00 ̶ 7:36 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana


Darshan with Mexican Heartfriends

I greet everyone with my heart and my mind. I've been very, very busy preparing for our summer conference. Earlier today I was meditating and asking what Astrea desired to release, and the answer I received was that there is a HeartStream from December 2005—this is before all of you were in The Hearts Center. So I read the HeartStream, because there is a transcript of it, and it was very, very beautiful and very powerful. However, I went to play the audio and the audio was not good at all. It sounded very metallic; it sounded just like I was in a metal can. So I think the Elohim desired for me to find this problem and fix it.

I reread the transcript of the HeartStream for the second time. A few words were changed because we have upgraded our language through conscious language, and I also added a title that's called “You Can Be a Sun Center—See the Diadem of Fire That You Are.” So now we have a new version of this older HeartStream from thirteen years ago with an acceptable audio rather than one that you can't understand.

So what Astrea would do tonight is use this message from thirteen years ago to anchor light in Mexico and to empower all of you in a very personal way through this HeartStream. And I hope that you can feel the same energy that I felt both times when I released it. Does anyone have any questions you'd like me to answer?

Participant:  Thank you, David, and thank you, Mighty Astrea, because this is exactly what we need.

David:  You are very welcome.

Question:  I would like to ask Astrea what we need to do in order to clean and clear all the dirtiness, darkness and corruption that is happening in Mexico nowadays.

David:  Use the song on Ho'oponopono and sing it as often as possible. And talk to all the people, including the government and anyone who is involved in corruption—in their souls, of course, not physically. Talk to their souls and encourage them to purify their awareness, even while at the same time you are going deeper and deeper inside of yourself and cleaning deeper and deeper levels of your own consciousness.

There's a beautiful teaching in the Bible: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”This is such an important teaching. If we judge others, we'll be judged; if we don't judge others, we won't be judged. In other words, the more love we have toward everyone, the more that love returns to us. If we avoid criticism, then God will not criticize or condemn us. So we should never judge or criticize anyone, including ourselves. If we see a problem in another person, clean it inside of ourselves. So when you see corruption in the world, look inside of yourself to root out any little pieces of corruption that still remain.

Now, there is a corollary to this biblical quote “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” The corollary is, love all so that ye may be loved; heal all so that you may be healed. How we treat others is how we will be treated.

Even those that are corrupt still require love. They don't let go of their corruption if we hate them. They may desire to give up their corruption if we love them. Remember, Jesus said: “Love your enemies” and “pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you.”2 So every time you see corruption, work on yourself. Envision the circle and sword of Astrea and the blue-and-white light cleaning, cleaning, cleaning you up.

Now, this statement is from David, not Astrea: The first time I went to Mexico, when I was fourteen years old, after eighth grade, I went to San Miguel de Allende. And I really enjoyed watching these wonderful women sweeping, sweeping, sweeping the steps every morning outside their homes. Every morning they swept the doorstep clean. It was a ritual every morning.

So translate this to a spiritual ritual. Every morning we have to clean inside of ourselves. Even if we think we're clean, we still have to clean ourselves, because over the course of a whole day, twenty-four hours, things get a little dirty. So we clean our thoughts; we clean our feelings; we clean our minds; we clean our consciousness. Our goal in The Hearts Center is to become living saints. You already are a saint—I see you as a saint. Maybe you don't see yourself yet as a saint. So how can you see yourself as a saint? Keep purifying and cleaning your thoughts and your feelings so that every thought and feeling becomes beautiful and perfect.

I was driving down the valley just a few minutes ago and suddenly an overwhelming feeling of love for God came over me, so I just started singing my love to God: “O God, I love you. O God, I love you. O God, I love you. I love you, my God.” And then: “O Lord, I love you. O Lord, I love you. O Lord, I love you. I love you, my Lord. I AM, I love you. I AM, I love you. I AM, I love you. I love you, I AM.” And then I said it with Jesus, and then Mary, and then I AM again. And in ten minutes, I was just drenched in light and love. And through this love and adoration for God, I was cleaned. I felt so pure and clean and whole again. Not that I was a bad boy before this; it's just that I desired to feel more love for God.

So throughout your day, just stop and consider God and pray in your own way or sing your own perfect, individual, unique song. Even if you can't sing on key, don't worry about it. God hears your heart first and then the notes second.

So this is what we have to do to purify and clear the world of corruption. Keep clothing yourself in divine love and divine light. Keep sweeping, like that lady in San Miguel de Allende, the doorstep to your soul and your heart every morning, and make it a beautiful daily ritual. It can be a little different every day, and then you can add the circle and sword to your visualization.

Now what I'm seeing is this beautiful lady in San Miguel with her broom, and the broom is spinning around and she's twirling around. And around the broom is also a circle and sword. And maybe someday someone will make a video with the lady who's sweeping and then she suddenly stops and she starts spinning around. There are many, many people sweeping all over Mexico, not just San Miguel, of course.

            So you can visualize ten thousand women circling around cleaning, with Astrea over each one, purifying all of Mexico. Now, why did I say a woman rather than a man? Because Astrea is feminine. So if you are a man and you want to sweep, then you are Purity. Just remember that the humble, pure people are those who like to clean. And from now on, for the rest of your life, every time you see someone sweeping you'll think of this talk.

Question:  When we are doing our decrees of the circle and sword of Astrea, and any other decrees, how does it anchor to the Earth? Does it anchor, for example, over there, exactly where they are and it starts radiating, or is it all around Mexico? Or what about when we are connecting through Skype in our vigils and each one of us is in a different city—does that energy merge or where does it anchor or what happens?

David:  Yes, it's anchored through your bodies, where every person is. The masters anchor the light through your chakras and through your nervous system, the neurons. Sometimes they call the neural network your electronic fire body. Now, here is an interesting teaching that's coming up now. The more light you wield or you carry in your aura and in your chakras, the deeper into the earth the light can penetrate. Why is this? Because you become a vehicle for that light to descend into the earth through your purity. There are no impurities in you to interrupt the flow of that light from heaven to earth.

So another goal for all of us in The Hearts Center is to become so pure that the light is not interrupted at all—it flows right through us to wherever we desire to go. So the purer we are in our thoughts and feelings, the deeper into the earth the light will descend and bless people. And because we are all connected and we are all part of God, the light flows through us simultaneously.

Now, here is another mystery, a new teaching. The more love we have for one another, the more light flows through the complete network of all of us together. This is why we have to love one another. And some of Jesus' final words to the disciples were “Love one another as I have loved you.”3 So let's never have harsh words toward one another. Have ultimate respect and reverence for each person in The Hearts Center. And even if there are people that have things that we don't appreciate, don't let that cloud your vision of that person or your love for that person. The groups in The Hearts Center that have the most love between the heartfriends will grow the quickest. This is why I love going to Central and South America, because I feel that love so tangibly, because you all have hearts of gold. And so long as you love one another as Jesus loves all of us, you will always be victorious.

So let's not let any disagreements get between us. The little disagreements that happen in business and in the details of our lives are not worth interrupting the flow of love through our hearts for one another. If you ever have a problem or a disagreement, stop. Everybody stop and breathe deeply and see Jesus in the center of the circle of all of you. Jesus is the mediator. Pray to him and he will resolve any conflict or disagreements. Let go of your own paradigm or the fact that you feel that you have the only right way, and let Jesus bring peace to everyone's heart. And you can also invite Mother Mary, because she's another mediator.

Why is Astrea asking me to share all this? Maybe she knows that there have been a few issues here and there and she's giving you the keys to be victorious in love. So I love you, I love you, I love you, and this is the beautiful teaching in addition to the HeartStream.

So I'm going to hang up. And, Betty, call me back, because I may be able to get on video. Okay. It's still not working, I don't know why. Hold on.

Betty:  Why don't you try calling us and see if that helps.

David:  Skype can't connect to your webcam—that's what it says. And I don't know why, because I don't have any… Sometimes when I have another web thing going it won't do it, but I don't have another web going. So I apologize that you were not able to see me, but I think the message is still there. I love you all and I hope this teaching was helpful. Okay, I see everybody. Thank you, Betty. Okay, adiós, adiós.

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3. John 13:34, 15:12.

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