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David Lewis      April 25, 2011

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
April 25, 2011   8:40-9:01 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Chakras as Foci for the Feeding of the Aura
with the Virtues of God Consciousness

            Good morning, everyone. I've been delivering a series, on behalf of El Morya, of discourses on the aura. And today I'd like to talk about the chakras because when we speak about the aura, the chakras are a very important topic. They are part and parcel to what we see within the auric field. When an individual has balanced chakras, there is a greater flow of energy and light within the auric field.
            Now, you may wonder how and why do chakras get unbalanced. Of course, when we enter the human domain and we live in this 3-D plane, there is a tendency, through entropy and human boredom, or ennui, for us to sink in consciousness to the mass-consciousness level of life. So it takes a thrust of energy, of conscious awareness, of presence for us to engage in the spiritual practices that will allow us to return to our native, or natal, state of oneness with God, of eternal beingness and of this harmonic balance whereby our chakras are aligned and we have the free flowing of energy through our auric field.
            The auric field is meant to be a resonator of great God-virtues and qualities. Each of the chakras, the seven major chakras, is meant to express a divine virtue. There are sub-virtues, based on the number of petals within that chakra, that are indicative of our true God essence. So these divine virtues are God-qualities. They are the quintessences of the Spirit that the Great Central Sun emanates in all of its great beingness by the light of God that always prevails.
            When we work on ourselves and have the balanced harmony of light flowing through our chakras because they are spinning vigorously, rigorously and fluidly, [having been] oiled by our devotion, we have the frequencies within us that allow us to attune to the higher frequencies of our Higher Self, of our God Presence, of the ascended masters, great cosmic beings and ultimately the Great Central Sun.
           At the core of each chakra, as we've heard, is a sun. That sun allows the oiling of the axes of light, that are like spokes that relate to the different petals of the chakra, [and through this process] there is the natural harmonic field created within that chakra that attunes us to these higher frequencies. It's very important that we understand in this dynamic the relationship of these God-qualities one with another, these virtues, and that we embody them on twelve lines of the clock, that we express them in all manner of divine essences and that truly our virtue, our light, is manifesting the integrity of who we are as God-conscious ones.
            Benjamin Franklin, as many of you know, sought to embody the virtues that were inspired upon him to exhibit within his life. He worked diligently on each one of these virtues until he felt that he had ennobled it, embodied it and become it in his highest essence. Well, each of us can do the same. We have the teachings from Mother Mary on the cosmic clock with the God-qualities, or virtues, that we can embody. What I was shown recently is that each of these God-qualities on the twelve lines of the clock [has] twelve sub-virtues that we can meditate upon and discern and really incorporate within our lives. When we do this [and are doing all that we can to embody the light of God in all of its manifestations,] there is an engagement of our chakras within the auric field that is beautiful to behold, [as we have seen] in the saints [who have lived] upon Earth. 
            Now, in opposition to this beautiful dynamic, [which] is the natural divine estate of every son and daughter of God, are the anomalies that at times we pick up and are unfortunately within our auric field as these jaded concepts, as mackerels that reside within the subconscious, the electronic belt, and in effect are completely antithetical to these divine virtues. When people open themselves up [to this] through noncreative activities [and] are no longer engaging with God and [their] God Presence in co-creation, they begin to allow for this dark state of stasis and a lack of flow to manifest whereby these patterns of imperfection become lodged within the recesses, the folds, of [the] aura and serve not as electrodes of light but points of darkness.         
            So it is incumbent upon [all] spiritual aspirant[s] and disciple[s] on the path to work on [themselves] to the point of dissolving these jaded and often almost imperceptible problematic grids and patterns and signets within the aura [so] that [they] can, through clarity, completely clear them out [and] vibrate in synchronicity with [their] God Presence.
            Now, in the second [human aura] book, the Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, by beloved Djwal Kul we saw pictures of what can occur within the aura, within the mass consciousness when people are engaged in various activities. We saw the images within that book of black magicians and people who are very mentally oriented, [of] people who had a weeping, sympathetic heart where[by] the light droops from their heart and [there is] this kind of a reddish-orangish energy field. And I've seen within the auric fields of a number of disciples, even within the Hearts Center, some of these patterns, unfortunately, especially through sympathy. When people get engaged in sympathizing with individuals who[m] they lock into because of their conscious choice to be with these individuals, there is this sinking feeling that I feel in my heart, around my heart chakra, that moves down toward the solar plexus.
            So how do we get beyond all this? How do we remain tethered to our divine state of beingness and avoid the pitfalls of this type of activity and the relationships that we at times engage in? The sun within each center, each chakra, is key. Attuning to the specificity of that sun-energy, that sun presence within the chakra keys us to the highest manifestation of what God intends for that chakra within us to deliver to us as an open portal for the streaming light of our Presence to flow to us.
            This is why solar gazing and the solar sciences are so important, because naturally when we look upon the sun, meditate upon the Sun of our God Presence, there is delivered to us within the sun presence of each chakra and within each cell a ray of intelligent energy that activates the natural processes, the spiritual processes that unlock our highest potential within these sacred centers. If we are closed off from the sun and are not focused on our God Presence, then it's like we have a shade down upon a window and we are not able to truly see or feel the full intensity, the light-energy, the coloration and the beauty of that sun-light that can manifest through us and within us.
            One thing that I've [also] seen amongst many disciples is [the] wearing [of] sunglasses. Now, you may think that this is important based on what various practitioners tell us in this day and age, that the sun is detrimental, but I can tell you that it's actually antithetical to the divine, spiritual path to shade [our] eyes from the light of the sun and [our] God Presence through the wearing of both physical sunglasses [and] astral glasses, which we put over our inner eyes by not desiring to gaze upon our true reality, who we are, our God Presence.
            So I encourage heartfriends to do away with most sunglasses. The only times to wear them that may be essential would be when you're driving directly into the sun, going east in the morning, west in the evening, and you simply have to have that shading in order to protect your eyes and to allow you to see where you're driving. But generally it's much more important to not wear sunglasses in order to allow these divine  quintescent streams of beautiful God-virtues and qualities and essences to make contact with the retina and through your visionof course, not looking directly into the sun but slightly away from the sun and closing your eyes as [necessary] and still drinking in that beautiful light of God.
            When our chakras are spinning and are vibrating in this beautiful synchronistic energy field, there is the natural nourishment of all of our cells within our four lower bodies and the spiritual cells that abide within our etheric energy, or light, body. So the chakras are really foci for the feeding of our entire electronic field with these beautiful virtues and streams of awareness and consciousness that are naturally ours to ingest. And this is our true spiritual food.
            As we [come to] know that as spiritual adepts we are destined to eat fire and to drink light and to engage in this dynamic of accepting within us these holiest of virtues from the Great Central Sun—stepped down through other solar worlds, galaxies, solar systems and our own God Presence and the ascended masters' causal bodies—we feel enlivened, enlightened and virtuous in every way. As disciples of light we can meditate upon light and all of its different gradations, manifestations that can flow through us in all manner of ways for the blessing of life.
            When we are engaged in this sacred activity, our auras become like the aura of the sun, and that is our goal. Our goal is to allow our auras to be like, as close as possible, the aura of our God Presence, our Solar Presence, and the aura of the sun of our system, because the sun of our system is really our Godfather/Godmother, our perfect example of all of the virtues of God, our perfect example of youthfulness, vitality, longevity, beauty, harmony, grace. We are naturally refreshed, revivified, reenergized and locked into the divine currents of God when we embody that Son consciousness, both [S-o-n], as the Son of God, the Christ, and [S-u-n], as the Solar reality of who we are.
            As we round the clock in our own personal cycles of our cosmic clock based on our astrology, we complement the work of the sun within this solar system in a microcosmic level of our life. As we ascend in consciousness to behold the great Beloved of our God Presence and the sun of this system and macrocosmically allow our spirit to soar to those divine fields of grace where God is emanating true and pure virtue, we draw down, through a funnel that exists by our conscious presence and our focus, these greater Solar frequencies such that they may blend their resources with those quintessences [that we are emanating from within], as we experience them in our domain.
            If we desire greater light, we must open a portal, a greater flow, a tap to those resources by an open heart, an open mind, an open soul, open vision, open mindfulness in all ways. In a guarded way, this openness allows us to be present and available to every teaching that may be delivered through our higher mind by our God Source, because illumination is teaching, is wisdom. And the illumination from the sun carries on the various rays that flow to us these visionary aspects of our true noble nature if we are available and ready to receive them. [We then] discern their meaning, [and] interpret the very special and specific frequencies that are ours free for the receiving, and we accept them fully integrated within us through the moment by the love-wisdom-power of our threefold flame [which is] engaged in this process.
            Now, much of what I've shared this morning may seem somewhat esoteric to some, and yet I can tell you that as you meditate upon your God Presence, as you engage in the solar sciences in a very mundane or a very kind of physical way, you will begin to have greater and greater attunement to these resources. And the understanding will flow to you with all manner of beautiful revelations and flashes of divine glory and brilliance, [which] I hope that you can respond to, record through journaling and writing and allow to really resonate within you to the point [that] what God intends through these quintessential energies [is] fully received and allowed to become a part of you, because that's God's love flowing to you. And it's really the greatest gift we can give to the Lord, to the Lord of the Universe: to be able to receive all that is constantly flowing to us and through us. This gives God, in one sense, great satisfaction and enjoyment to know that his sons and daughters, her divine creatures, are appreciating what is being delivered and flowing to us.
            So, blessed hearts, we've come to the end of this session this morning. I appreciate each and every one of you in your attempt to be noble sons and daughters at the highest level, and I pray that in this Easter season, having received such a beautiful gift from the heart of Jesus yesterday, that we can really carry that message of the resurrection forward and embody that spirit of joy, élan and divine wonder throughout our days. God bless you. Bye-bye.


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