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3 Keys to Talking With Your Kids About Their Spiritual Heritage

3 Keys to Talking With Your Kids About Their Spiritual Heritage

As a parent, I’d like my kids to know where they come from. Both their earthly roots and their divine ones too! So, how do I begin to share that divine knowledge that we are all one and that we come from God or any other inspired teaching, for that matter? Here are three keys, from my heart to yours.


  1. Share always.

Don’t wait for the right time. That will never come, you can be sure of it! You only have the moment. Just share often and you won’t go wrong.


  1. Small bits.

Kids don’t have long attention spans (nor do we!). Whether they are toddlers, kids or teens, they like it short. I mean, did you ever enjoy being lectured about anything as a kid? Think of it as offering spiritual snacks, not heavy meals!


  1. Keep it fun!

Who doesn’t like (or require) a little bit of fun in their lives? Let’s face it. We all do. Do you desire your kids to associate these God-moments that you two share with unspeakable boredom or with joy and affection?


So, in talking with your kids, share often, keep the teachings bite-sized and have fun. Anything you say will help them!


What has been your experience in speaking with kids about spirituality? What tips would you add?



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