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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2012, Part 2

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2012, Part 2

Today’s article focuses on a teaching by the ascended Lady Master Meta from September 12th, 2012. As we know, there is a solution to every human problem. The problem of homelessness among children and its resultant poverty and abuse is tackled on the spiritual level by the lovely ascended lady master Meta. While we at the human level have to play our part and use our God-given free will to make changes at the physical level, at the spiritual level the ascended hosts are soothing and nurturing the souls of these sweet children.

Living in the United States, we see homeless people on the city corners. But at least it’s not as heartbreaking as seeing homeless kids. It’s hard to believe that around the world there are millions of children living in poverty, homelessness and abuse. Although it’s worse overseas, it’s a problem here too. Meta talks about the homeless and those who live in slums or are children of drug addicts. She says we can help her by our prayers. She explains the spiritual work that occurs in her heavenly retreat like this:

"The work within my retreat is primarily for those children who do not understand upon Earth their true nature, because they have not been raised in an environment that allows for them to receive impressions from the heaven world, guidance from conscious parents, teachers, siblings and mentors. You see, I move among the great cities of the world, in which there are many children who have been discarded—those who are the progeny of drug addicts and the poor who do not have the outer means to support them in the way that would allow them to have their needs met and a proper education.

 And therefore we gather the souls of these children and my angel escorts take them to the retreats of many of the archeiai and other lady masters and also beloved Eriel for them to receive nurturing, love, the inner care of their hearts and souls, and tutoring in divine concepts that we leave as impressions and engrams within their soul and inner bodies. We bless them, we wash them, we treat them with the utmost respect, and we attempt in every way to infuse them with this radiant stream of God's light and love so that when they return to their physical forms, their body temples, in the morning, they may have a new sense of hope, of possibility for change and advancement, and both outer and inner peace.

 You can support our mission through constant prayer for the children and youth. And as you commune with and nurture your own children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and others in your communities, as you feel from within your hearts a love for and understanding of children everywhere, send angels to assist many who have been downtrodden, despised or left to their own devices to attempt to live outside of families, upon the streets, in the ghettos or along the highways and byways of life."

(Note: Take heart if you desire Meta’s help for yourself; she did go on to say that there is also a great work in her retreat to help heal the ‘inner child’ of adults as well!)

I have to say, though I have a heart for the homeless, I never think to pray for the homeless children. How blessed we are to have so much, even in our poorest moments. And to have so much wholeness, even in our worst days. Let us then send our love and prayers to those who need them most.


How do you pray for the children and youth?



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