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The Ascended Masters on COVID-19

The Ascended Masters on COVID-19

They say, better late than never. Hopefully that applies to this article too and can help, enlighten or even save some, for there seems scarcely a soul alive today – at least in modern society – who has not in some way been touched by this COVID hoax. Yes, I called it that, and so have the ascended masters through the Hearts Center. Not that this is a radical idea! You can find it everywhere online if you read alternative news.

Anyhow, back to the masters, what have they publicly said on the topic that may better inform parents and the way they care for their extended families, young and old?

In no particular order, this is what I’ve found, summarized in my own words. The messages have a lot more teaching, even on COVID, so do please click on the links and read more! (The links to the related HeartStreams are below in pink):

1. The COVID-19 virus is man-made.

No surprise here, unless you’ve been watching mainstream news non-stop and even there, the truth is finally coming out now (it wasn’t a year ago when this teaching was released).

2. The Masters have recommended sharing the movie Plandemic with as many people who are open to it as possible. (See here: https://plandemicseries.com/)

Did that. Started up a social media channel to share the truth. You're welcome to do the same if you feel called.

3. The lockdown and restrictive mandates preventing us from associating, worshipping etc. is seen as illegal in the eyes of God and creates a miasma of fear. (This HeartStream by Saint Germain is ALL about COVID and the spiritual/karmic situation around it).

Well, that wasn’t hard to see. But I certainly agree with the perspective.

4. There is an attack upon our freedom through what is outpicturing.

Yes, something many of us believe.

5. 5G actually may make us vulnerable to it or could even be the thing that causes it.

Interesting. This is the beginning of a big ‘rabbit hole’ investigation. There are some interesting videos out there on 5G and COVID. We also know the Masters have spoken out on the dangers of 5G elsewhere.

6. The karma of abortion made this earth vulnerable to this COVID situation and depopulation vaccine agenda of Gates and co.. We become karmically susceptible to this plandemic because of abortion, trafficking and abuse of children etc.

This is something I’ve become more aware of in this last year, the type of horror that has existed under our very noses (or maybe in tunnels - and now with the border crisis). God save the children!

7. The COVID virus is not actually that dangerous but fear is and has even caused some to die, from fear.

Well this is actually validated by science. Such as in this book I read years ago. Among other things, I remember reading how there are literally chemical messengers for good and bad emotions in your body and how these quite literally either bolster your immune system or hinder it. Fear is literally toxic.

8. It was recommended never to take the COVID vaccines…we know what is in them! They’re basically evil. It was also recommended that we all watch the movie Vaxed.

There are many of us who believe that there is an evil agenda behind this vaccine. Many videos are available exposing it.

9. Beware of this COVID vaccine, beware even of the tests. Saint Germain warns that there is placed within these, subtle substances to entrap you in “a matrix of ill health and a virus of darkness.” If you believe in the action of the violet fire and see it as a reality blazing through you, even the worst of the toxins can be dissolved. (From 18:35 onwards especially.)

I hadn’t heard of the tests being dangerous before this. Recently I came across this video which offer reasons as to why that may indeed be the case. I cannot comment on the use of the violet flame to dissolve this darkness but it is good that Saint Germain has offered us that eternal hope.

In addition, if I may share a few more thoughts of my own on this topic: God has made these bodies of ours amazing, intelligent  - ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made. Does it make any sense to you that He should thus require us to inject virus or virus particles, heavy metals and animal/aborted fetal cells into our body in order to maintain perfect health? I say, this is an abomination standing in the holy place where it ought not! (And yes, I know that a majority of people today have taken other vaccines – but we can always reconsider our beliefs for the future, right?) Secondly, what is being touted the COVID-19 vaccine, by at least Moderna and Pfizer are not even a traditional vaccine but rather alters your DNA! These crazy Atlantean scientists are at it again. They don’t believe that God made you perfect. They’d like to tweak just what it means to be a human being, which we know is the temple of God. Humanly speaking, there is no way to undo this re-programming of your cell instructions. I cringe to think what it will mean for the future of humanity. In the meantime I pray to awaken as many as possible and for God’s miracles for all.

So remember, if you’ve had the test or even the vaccine, Saint Germain promises that if you truly believe in the action of the violet flame, it can perform miracles (check out his HeartStream above to study his actual words!).

And finally, if any are looking to boost your family’s health, let us remember what our Creator designed for us. Herbs all around us to boost our immune system and help us if we do get sick (echinacea, garlic etc). Sunshine and fresh air (Vitamin D and oxygen). Exercise (boosted immune system). Sleep (our body heals). Positive mental attitude (stronger immune system).

God has not made it complicated for us to be well.

So fear not and be well!


Your thoughts on the topic?




  • Hello, thank you for your comment. Saint Germain has clearly said that the violet flame can neutralize anything bad in the vaccine or tests and in my opinion the vaccine is much worse than the test. In terms of my personal opinion about the whole thing, there is some evidence pointing to the tests containing nano-particles. How much anyone gets in any dose who can tell. I have seen people become magnetic near their noses and I do know there is a protocol for reducing magnetism in the body so you could try that if interested (see https://ugetube.com/watch/if-you-039-ve-had-the-vax-try-this-hope-supplements-reduce-magnetism-ie-graphene_nmxuSeZb1po8BM3.html ). This is my personal research and not Heart Center opinion, just so you know. I'm not sure I'd worry about it too much but pray about it and try to detox if you feel the need. Is that helpful at all?
    8/9/2021 2:52:50 PM
  • I was forced to get a Covid test back in Dec. 2020 to return to work. I placed colloidal silver up into me nose/nasal passages before the swab. Do you think this had any effect of neutralizing or destroying these nanoparticles? Thank you for any feedback you may have on this.
    8/9/2021 2:18:40 PM
  • I was forced to get a Covid test back in Dec. 2020 to return to work. I placed colloidal silver up into me nose/nasal passages before the swab. Do you think this had any effect of neutralizing or destroying these nanoparticles? Thank you for any feedback you may have on this.
    8/9/2021 1:09:12 AM
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