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Real or Imagined?

Real or Imagined?

Yesterday we were doing some spiritual activities in between our normal work. Later on, my  4-year-old daughter exclaimed that she saw a gnome outside! When I invited her to go and say hi to it she said that she could only see it quickly and it had gone.

A few days earlier my 9-year-old son had said that while trying to see something spiritual, he had for a moment caught a flash of a gnome in the corner of the room!

Now, I will be the first to admit that some of their spiritual ‘seeing’ has sounded not quite so likely – “I see a gnome and on top of the gnome is a fairy and on top of the fairy is an angel...” type of response.

At the same time, the experiences I mentioned seemed real. Why can’t I see them (yet)? Maybe it’s because children do not have as much of the rational brain acting, which all too often believes seeing things is impossible. Could it be that precisely BECAUSE they have so much faith and imagination (right brain activity) that they actually open themselves to seeing into heaven while we as adults have so much logic and analyzing (left brain activity) that we block it?


Question of the day: Should we (and our kids) we focusing on activating the right brain?



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