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Spirituality Begins at Home

Spirituality Begins at Home

Chop your peppers with love. Serve your meal with mindfulness.

This is a topic I like to revisit.

I have recently been enjoying one of the Ringing Cedars books (Co-creation: Book 4), and in it, Anastasia shares the parable of two brothers.

Both brothers desired wisdom and agreed that one should go out to search the world for the highest of wisdom. For many, many years the elder brother sought and studied wisdom and even gained his own disciples. Upon returning home to share his wisdom as agreed, he found to his surprise and humbling that everything he had learned through serious study his brother had already discerned and was applying. Whether it was to surround yourself with a beautiful garden, to strive to live every day with love, or to learn how to raise children that will be happy and righteous, the younger brother had already done all this.

It’s a comforting thought to those of us who can’t leave our posts, our duties, that indeed we don’t have to. All we require for our spiritual growth is right here in front of our own noses!

I like that idea.

So, let’s get back to work! Do the laundry with joy.  Wash the dishes with devotion. Our spiritual growth can happen right here today!

As Anastasia says, “All the wisdom of the Universe is included forever in each soul right from the moment it is created.”


What do you do mindfully?



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