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6 Ways to Share Your Spirituality With Your Baby

6 Ways to Share Your Spirituality With Your Baby
  1. Get an ‘angel doll’. They sell these kinds of things on Amazon. Little kids often like to pretend, to cuddle with soft toys and to be tickled by zooming toys. Why limit your play to toy monkeys when you could be playing with angels?

  2. Find your favorite picture(s) of an angel with a baby and put it over your baby’s bed. Often point out the angel and say hi to the baby and the angel. Turning your baby’s attention to heaven for a few moments will remind her of where she came from.

  3. Regularly bless your food, thanking God for it and holding your hands over it and imagining blessings going into it. Your baby, seeing you, will soon be copying you, and it will be one of the cutest things you ever saw! And who knows, you may be getting your food extra charged with light from her little blessing.

  4. Buy a few spiritual board books for babies. There are many varieties out there to suit your tastes. (For example, God Bless Me and Count your Blessings) Even if they do not encapsulate your entire spiritual beliefs, a mention of thanking God and blessings here and there will help to balance out all the other books your read.

  5. Use media for good purposes. We sometimes play little bits of educational programs for our little girl but since we don’t overuse it (and I guess because we love it) she loves it when we play Heart Center song videos and will pull herself up on an adult chair in front of the computer to watch it…and then say ‘more’, using one of the words she can say! So cute!

  6. When you tell your baby she’s so cute, don’t stop there but drop the word ‘divine’ in there as well. When you say goodnight to her don’t just tell her to have a nice sleep but also to have fun with her angel friends while she’s asleep.


What other ways can you share your spirituality with your darling baby?



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