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What is the Ascension?

What is the Ascension?

One day my conversation with my son went like this:

“What is the ascension?” (My son was having fun creating a video of a bird going up into the sky to the tune of The Lark Ascending.)

“Do you mean, in heaven?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“Well, I’ve come to the understanding lately that It’s more of a gradual thing than a surprise event that suddenly happens. It’s not so much like you’re sitting here throwing temper tantrums and whining or not caring about your sister then all of a sudden, you’re all perfect, sitting up there in heaven, like “I can answer your prayers now!” It’s more like you become more like the Masters to the point where it’s just totally normal to live in the heaven world and associate with masters. But there’s actually also an actual ascension, like, a process that you go through where afterwards you’re technically called an ‘ascended master’. But I think you have to be ready for that. Did that make sense?”

“Yes. That does make sense. But I also agree that when you’re throwing temper tantrums or things like that then you’re not going to end up in heaven the next day!”

“Well, I guess you have to prove yourself and the mastery, the self-mastery you’ve gotten. At the same time, who knows what you’ve done in the past or what a great soul you are so you don’t really know where you’ll end up or even who you are! That’s a funny thought now.”

“I agree with that but everyone knows who they are, not quite everyone but almost everyone.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, each one of us is made of God and is God so I’m not sure what you mean by who you are.”

“Well, you’re right about who we are but actually not everyone knows this. So, you’re lucky! I mean, blessed.”

“Well what I mean, basically, all the people who are in spiritual organizations such as The Hearts Center and other organizations.”

“Well, yep, hopefully they know. And hopefully more people will find those types of groups too, because it’s really important for Earth right now.”

The take away: answer your children’s questions and get them thinking! It’s not important that you have the perfect words - it’s that you’re willing to talk about it at all!

Have you ever talked about the ascension with your kids? Have they ever asked?

Edit: Check out my new free book Chapter 7: So you’d like to become an Ascended master?



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