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Adventures of a Universal Traveler

Adventures of a Universal Traveler

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Acupuncturist Barbara Loster uses Traditional Chinese Medicine  and acupuncture principles as a portal to her spiritual path.  In her work, she facilitates clients to connect with their own inner being and spirit.


There is deep peace and love within all of us, and Barbara creates a healing space with acupuncture. Sometimes needles are not used at all.  Barbara states she clears her own space within and  connects to her heart.  Then she is uses ancient healing methods and is guided by her intuition. 

Barbara says the more clear and connected she is, the better conduit she is for healing energy.  She has a daily practice of meditation and clearing techniques, and if clients are interested, she helps them develop their own practice of inner connection and peace, often starting with the breath.


For the client, the peace within can be a catalyst to their own inner awakening. And the acupuncture principles are holistic, integrating the thoughts, emotions and body in the spiritual path.


"Its  not about what I do, it's what the person is ready for in open space"., says Barbara. There are some conditions that can heal, while others may be karmic conditions that don't readily heal.


After her acupuncture studies, Barbara traveled  to China, which opened her mind to deeper healing. Being in China, she felt as if she had been there before. Watching the doctors work with patients helped her learn how they connect to the patient and focus the healing energy. 

Barbara calls herself the Universal Traveler, saying she sees many levels of existence, many universes, there are many more states of existence than what we are normally aware of.  Meditation is a huge part of connecting with our own inner being, she says.

With children, it can be easier to help them heal and clear issues, as they are pure spirits with less baggage for life.  The family  environment and karma all play a role in the healing of children.


 To reach Barbara:

Barbara's practice is 3treasuresacupuncture.com

She works in the Chicago area and on Skype an phone as well .. Phone number:  630-664-1089

Barbara says the three treasures are the mind, body and energy, or as the Chinese say, the Shen , Chi and Essence.




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