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Give to Receive More Miracles!

Give to Receive More Miracles!

Claire's concept of abundance has changed. She has learned that God is the source of abundance in a tangible and concrete way. The God Presence is connected to every good thing--all the virtues, the joys, the co-creations, the illumination, wisdom, the love and power.  In order to manifest these virtues, we meditate on them, embody them and bring them into the world of form.

Claire taught the 144 Virtues Meru University series in 2012, exploring all the God-virtues on the 12 lines of the clock, affording her an opportunity to really study and embody the virtues.

Claire explains, "By embodying the virtues of God, we bring abundance into the material world. In order to receive abundance, we must claim it, call for it, visualize it, and feel joy in the manifestation." 

We can let go of any fears or concerns about HOW it will happen and let abundance happen in its own time.

The more we give, the more God gives to us. Claire says she volunteered for a year with The Hearts Center, in the production of the book Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. After this time she returned to her consulting work. Then a miracle happened--she was able to purchase the home of her dreams! 

"I could feel the masters' presence with  making it happen. I felt it was a reward for the time and work I gave to The Hearts Center,"  says Claire.

The more you give, the more you receive! 

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Enjoy the free series of classes on the 12 God-virtues, taught by Claire Brown!



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