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Nada: Example of the Ministering Servant-Beautiful Basics 9 (video)

Nada: Example of the Ministering Servant-Beautiful Basics 9 (video)

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What does a rose have to teach us about selfless service to life? Carol asks us to meditate upon a rose to enter the heart of the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, Lady Master Nada, our example of the ministering servant. Not known by most of the world, Nada ascended 2,700 years ago. Having had one lifetime as a priestess on Atlantis, her final embodiment was the greatest test of her ability to sublimate human desire for achievement or recognition to support her gifted brothers and sisters. In that embodiment Nada was tutored by the Archeia Charity in the expansion of her heart.


Carol reviews a teaching on the threefold flame, located within the heart. She also explains the connection between the Holy Spirit gift of speaking in tongues and the sixth ray of service to life, expanding on the meaning of this gift as the ability to communicate from the heart. She recommends two books on this topic: Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens. She says another way to tune into heart of Nada, is to offer prayer 60.008 in The Hearts Center prayer book, “We Live to Serve,” released by Lady Master Nada in 2005. 



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