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Saint Germain and Organizations of Light

Saint Germain and Organizations of Light

Ralph Raath discusses Saint Germain and his relationship to many organizations of light.



 Listen to the presentation.

Learn about Saint Germain's  embodiments and connections to the following spiritual societies and individuals:

  • In Lemuria, now the Sahara desert in North of Africa.
  • He was a high priest on Atlantis. 
  • He had embodiments in Ancient Egypt and Greece. 
  • In England,  embodied as Merlin
  •  involved in Druidism in England
  • the tradition of the round table
  • light of the holy grail as he counseled King Arthur
  •  the founding of the Rosicrucian
  • the Freemasons
  • the Theosophical Society. 
  • influenced George Washington
  • the founding of America
  • Dr. Rudolph Steiner.


Learn of Saint Germain's vision throughout all of is embodiments: to bring freedom to societies, the earth and the souls of all mankind.


Listen to the presentation.



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