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Meditation--Are You Feeling the Love Yet?

Meditation--Are You Feeling the Love Yet?

 Developing tactile feeling beyond the confines of the physical body opens a kind of mystical doorway which can only be mastered and experienced if you have made progress disciplining your attention.

On my path of discovery I was next led to develop the art of contemplating and amplifying virtues. I happened to choose as my first subject the virtue of Divine Love. I chose this because I sensed that it would bring me balance. But it proved to be a springboard to so many other unique avenues that I would advocate starting here to anyone who isn’t sure where to start.
Using my new ability to concentrate very deeply upon a subject, I contemplated Divine Love for several weeks in my 30 minutes-per-day meditation sessions. During this contemplation I would often find synonyms for Divine Love offered to me by invisible hearts and minds which I then devoured in my absorption of their meaning and feeling. Gradually I began to notice that I was seeing colors in my inner vision and feeling these subtle gradations and expressions of Divine Love. I was then led to focus more and more upon the tactile feeling of the presence of these Divine Love lights and I was shown how to dial up or down the visual and heat intensity of these flames through the faculty of my feeling body coupled with some help from visualization. I practiced this rheostat effect a lot and also I practiced creating pillars of these flames in front of me and holding them steady for as long as possible.
Simultaneously though I was also encouraged to practice reaching out with a kind of tactile/auric feeling to touch a wall in the room I was in. After some practice with this I was encouraged to practice reaching out and touching one wall AND the opposite wall simultaneously—effectively stretching my normal 6-foot-reach paradigm out to 15 feet. This creates some rather bewildering sensations at first because what you’re actually doing is expanding your aura and changing the long-accepted paradigm of “me” as a discreet, fixed 6 foot tall body to “me” as an expandable, unbounded energy being. The next stop is to reach out and touch a distant mountain peak—and then another peak on the other side of the valley and so on. It’s really important to practice this often and cultivate the tactile feeling of being larger and “variable in size” so to speak.
The combination of these two new skills leads to the ability to not only generate a great fiery presence of Divine Love (or whatever virtue you choose to develop) at will, but to then bless and enfold a large area with this beautiful light. You do this by expanding your aura and “being” (with your tactile, feeling nature) that flame-presence for a room, a city block or something larger! At this point, if you have been engaged in a regular decree practice for many years you will probably find that giving your decrees is VERY DIFFERENT! I’ll leave it at that!
Developing tactile feeling beyond the confines of the physical form is the key to the expansion and control of the aura. Please don’t underestimate the value of frequently practicing this in the odd, otherwise wasted time in your life while waiting for others, etc.



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