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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2007, Part 3

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2007, Part 3

Well, it’s the last day of the month and time to make sure that article is written for the new month.

Today it’s not.

As I sift through quotes of the ascended masters from our Hearts Center database it’s kind of challenging to just snip out one piece and say, that’s it! I mean, I could, but, I could also provide to you the surrounding teaching which helps us understand the context, even if it’s only one quote for this month.

This is from the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich. In case you haven’t heard of him, his last life was as the spiritual Russian artist who lived 1874-1947. Nicholas and his wife Helena also founded the Agni Yoga Society, a spiritual institution through which enlightened teachings were shared including books some of us may have read such as Leaves of Morya’s Garden. Agni Yoga, as I read elsewhere online, means ““Mergence with Divine Fire” … Fire in this context is a flame-like state of the Highest Divine Consciousness.” I thought that was interesting in light of his quote below, which includes children, in case you have been wondering what all this has to do with kids today!

   The culture of the Mother is needed at all levels of society, truly a civilization gone mad, insane in its renderings in this hour of decadence and deprivation, highlighting the characterizations of death and violence and even hell itself in all manner of your cultural events [and] entertainment. This has been that which has created a platform upon which the fallen ones have stood to deliver their teachings of death and hell unto generations of children, leading them as pied pipers not unto the capstone of identity but down, down, down into the depths of the astral nightmares that manifest through these creations in the consciousness of the beholder.
            This must stop and you must be the ones who create a new culture of love! And truly that culture must have at its core the understanding of fire, of the brightness of that eternal light that burns within every heart that you must encapsulate in some way through your own creations, your creativity, your givingness. No matter what your calling in life [is], at some level you must be an artisan of the spirit for God. And whatever your talents or gifts or graces see how, in rendering your best self in selfless service to life, the very beingness of God who lives and moves within you can be shared [with] greater numbers of souls upon this planet. And then you will also leave a legacy of light for generations to come who may perceive that gift of your heart in what you create.

I love this message!

One thing I got out of it was that we all are supposed to be the creators of heaven on earth through drawing down something of God and sharing it with others, using whatever talents we have. Hopefully I do that, at least a little bit, with my writing. And I’m sure you do too, in whatever you love to do. This creation is to be as a blessing to our kids, our children, all children and the future generations, to raise them up into God’s way and also giving that understanding of the light and fire that burns within each heart.

I’m sure you have your own perspective. What did you think about when you read this quote from Nicholas Roerich?





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