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Nicholas Roerich      January 15, 2007

Beloved Nicholas Roerich
David Christopher Lewis
January 15, 2007            7:13-7:29 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Create A New Culture of Love: Be An Artisan of the Spirit for God!

Blessed ones,
            The alchemy of your hearts' fires burning as one as you commune with the eternal spirit of life is truly magnificent to behold. And I, as a messenger of love and of the culture of the Mother to the Earth in my final embodiment as Nicholas Roerich, did attempt to bring to this planet that Venusian manifestation of glory. And for those of you who have seen that which I was privileged to record upon the canvases of my mater-realization in form of the essential light that I bore witness to East and West in the mountain fastnesses and in the representatives of light upon earth, [these] were for future generations to behold the very nature of fire, that Agni light that the Lord God set before me as a burning manifestation of His presence in my life.
            To understand the nature of fire you must go within. And to be warmed by the spiritual heat of the elements of that fire that come to purge you and to purge the Earth of all lesser manifestations of non-God that you have allowed to enter your forecefield, is the purpose of the teachings of the ascended masters that they convey through the gurus of the spirit unto the anointed messengers and to those who have been entrusted with their sacred words.
            The composite of the teaching released through Helena and myself is one which you should study, blessed ones, to perceive not only the new culture of the spirit-the New World-that Maitreya, Gautama, El Morya, the Maha Chohan and others did impart unto us-but as you partake of and ingest the vibration and the essence behind the worded release you will become a fiery being yourself. For the letters of living fire that compose the release of the dictations given unto us and unto all true messengers are such that, if you receive them in the spirit of truth in which they are released and allow them to work their work in your being, the transformation of your consciousness, even of your soul to become one with the Divine One, may manifest fully, even in this life.
            The purpose of our dictations is not entertainment, but the entrainment of your being with the very mind and heart of God, vibrating at a level whereby you, too, as a crystal being may understand the very nature of the fiery spirit that is God. And when you imbibe that fire, breathing it into every particle of your being-every chamber, every organ, every system, every cell-then you cannot help but become that which that Word does manifest as the essential nature of the Christ spirit within you.
            Each one who is privileged to know of the Ascended Masters and their teachings must take to heart what they [the Masters] have laid upon the altar in terms of their own higher attainment in order to bring unto mankind through the orifice of the one sent, the Word, that which is their message of hope, of love and of victory. Each word is as an arrow that the master archer does fling your way with a fiery tip, penetrating unto your heart to move you from a level of awareness where you have often become stultified to become a doer of the Word, as a god in manifestation, not only receiving that fiery dart, but then taking it in fullest measure to understand the very nature of its core as an aspect of God's consciousness that you also may embrace.
            The artisans of the spirit are those who understand love and love's fires burning within them. And Paul the Venetian and I and Nada will be there when our son, Norman Thomas Miller, delivers unto you his teaching gleaned from the very love fires of his communion with light. For you see, artisans must not only bring to bear upon the canvas the qualities of color as light, but as they infuse their creations with their own beingness as God there is transferred onto the canvas their own essence, which as you perceive it and see it, you too, through communion with the heart of the artisan, may receive aspects of their own Christ nature through the lens of the eye and your attention upon that beauty that they bring.
            The culture of the Mother is needed at all levels of society, truly a civilization gone mad, insane in its renderings in this hour of decadence and deprivation, highlighting the characterizations of death and violence and even hell itself in all manner of your cultural events [and] entertainment. This has been that which has created a platform upon which the fallen ones have stood to deliver their teachings of death and hell unto generations of children, leading them as pied pipers not unto the capstone of identity but down, down, down into the depths of the astral nightmares that manifest through these creations in the consciousness of the beholder.
            This must stop and you must be the ones who create a new culture of love! And truly that culture must have at its core the understanding of fire, of the brightness of that eternal light that burns within every heart that you must encapsulate in some way through your own creations, your creativity, your givingness. No matter what your calling in life [is], at some level you must be an artisan of the spirit for God. And whatever your talents or gifts or graces see how, in rendering your best self in selfless service to life, the very beingness of God who lives and moves within you can be shared [with] greater numbers of souls upon this planet. And then you will also leave a legacy of light for generations to come who may perceive that gift of your heart in what you create.
            Be emboldened, blessed ones, in taking new steps upon the summit heights. Be not afraid to carve out new pathways of light where no one has gone. For from a new angle and vantage point you will see the sun rising or setting. And that light, gleaming upon the mountains, may inspire you with new dimensions of reality that you have attuned to from that vantage point that no one else could have perceived [in] quite the same [way] as you.
            This was my joy in bringing forth each new painting. For you see, from a different level of altitude in the Himalayas or from different points of reference, I was able to perceive and meditate upon the very nature of light as a messenger of love for God and manifest its essence for all to see.
            Upon the winds of the spirit blow the quintessential aspects of God's mind and heart. Know these and know your Self this day, oh blessed disciples of Agni, oh friends of the Spirit.

Messenger's commentary after the dictation:

Beloved Nicholas Roerich came on the birthday of his beloved twin flame, Tatiana [Marie] Prophet, which is today. And he desires that we sing to her soul this day wherever she may be, to send forth his love to her. [All sing Happy Birthday to Tatiana.]

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