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1/20/21 6m Hilarion Living Within the Eternal Light of Truth
1/20/21 13m Hilarion Rising Above Expectations and Desires
1/20/21 17m Hilarion Darshan with Hilarion
1/19/21 23m Fourteen Masters Gov Destiny of America You Are Responsible for the Destiny of America - Jesus Adjudicates Divine Justice Now
1/13/21 60m Hilarion The Blessings of True Teachers and of Teaching Truth
1/12/21 23m Michael Archangel Michael Comes with an Epic Planetary Purge and Reminds Us that We Are Angels
1/12/21 4m David Lewis Collaboration of Ascended Masters with Angels
1/10/21 19m David Lewis Be Fruitful and Multiply!
1/6/21 36m Hilarion The Truth Will Always Lead You to Your Divine Nature
1/5/21 17m El Morya The Hand of God Is Upon America Now
1/5/21 20m David Lewis The Life of the Initiate is Like a Treasure Hunt
1/3/21 20m David Lewis Pain and Bliss as Two Sides of the Same Coin
1/1/21 24m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays: We Energize Your Vision of a New Blue Earth
12/31/20 17m Gautama Buddha Gautama Budda's 2021 Heartform
12/30/20 25m Hilarion Truth is at the Crux of the Divine Equation for the New Year
12/29/20 11m Portia Each Day is an Opportunity for the Flowering of Our Divinity
12/29/20 13m Portia Portia Explains How to Increase Our Sensitivity and Discernment
12/29/20 30m Portia Darshan with Portia
12/24/20 10m Mother Mary Mother Mary's 2020 Christmas Eve Message - Call for Mary's Immaculate, Comforting Heart to Maintain Your Inner Joy
12/24/20 5m Jesus Jesus' 2020 Christmas Eve Message - Every Challenge Comes with a Blessing
12/24/20 6m Lanello Lanello's 2020 Christmas Eve Message - Mary's Vision of an Angel of Protection and the Great Shepherd
12/23/20 41m Hilarion The Five Dimensions of Truth
12/11/20 17m Queen of Light The Queen of Light Initiates Us with Light! Light! Light!
12/9/20 12m Hilarion Give Accounting This Night! Hold to Your High Ideal and Live in the Truth of God!
12/8/20 32m Mother Mary Mother Mary Darshan - Re-enter Your Divine Childlike State to Rise above Challenges and Resolve Problems
12/8/20 16m Zarathustra Zarathustra: Catch Fire and Be All Fire in the Earth!
12/8/20 18m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes with Numberless Fairies and Angels to Uplift Children Everywhere
11/26/20 22m Jesus Jesus' 2020 Thanksgiving Message
11/25/20 10m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #17 - Brings an Action of Divine Justice and Judgment
11/21/20 49m David Lewis Interview on Radio Show Cosmic Love - Angels, Angels, Angels!
11/24/20 23m Michael Archangel Michael Performs a Cosmic Clearance and Ensouls Our New Angels Book
11/20/20 17m David Lewis Maintain Hope in these Trying Times
11/18/20 19m David Lewis The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #16 - A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy
11/17/20 17m Justinius Justinius: Magnify Your Divine Oneness through Holy Communion with the Seraphim
11/17/20 2m David Lewis David's Calls for Detroit, Dearborn, Michigan
11/13/20 28m Vaivasvata Manu Vaivasvata Manu Infuses Light Within the Earth
11/13/20 9m Virginia Virginia Reminds Us to Hold the Immaculate Vision for All Life
11/11/20 58m Hilarion Stand Firm, Stand True! Allow the Light to Flow Through You!
11/10/20 26m David Lewis Three Recently Ascended Lady Masters Speak
11/4/20 11m Hilarion Hilarion's Hour of Truth - Truth Is...
11/3/20 29m Godfre Godfre Unleashes the Fire of Divine Justice
11/1/20 26m Afra Afra's 2020 Ascension Day Message
11/1/20 10m Lady Leila Lady Leila's Discourse on Joy and Illumination
11/1/20 5m David Lewis Gautama Buddha Announces Three Months of Etheric Retreat Classes on Buddhic Mindfulness
11/1/20 6m David Lewis Gautama Buddha Receives a 14-Month Dispensation to Multiply Our Tithes and Donations
10/28/20 6m Hilarion Beloved Hilarion Releases Unguents of Great God Truth and Sacred Fire into Every Avenue of Existence on Earth
10/28/20 16m Lanello Beloved Lanello Seeds Our Higher Minds with Engrams of the Light of God-Consciousness
10/27/20 15m Maha Chohan Maha Chohan: Amplify Divine Love and Dissolve Division Now
10/23/20 20m Rama Rama Centers Us in the Equanimity of Vishnu, the Preserver
10/23/20 10m Lady Pleiades Lady Pleiades: Practice the Presence, Practice the Dance of the Hours
10/21/20 8m Hilarion Be Forthright, Be Bold, Be Intrepid! Speak Truth Now and Always!
10/20/20 29m Surya Surya Activates the Great Central Sun Magnet in Our Hearts and God-Government on Earth
10/18/20 20m David Lewis Reflections on the State of Affairs on Earth Today
10/14/20 14m Hilarion Focus on Reality; Concentrate on the Divine; Consciously Invest in Truth
10/14/20 28m Zorah Zorah Brings a Dispensation of Clearance and Healing to the Earth
10/13/20 21m Lanello Lanello Says, "You Are the New Media"
10/7/20 35m Hilarion Broaden Truth's Reach Through Intrepid Action, Insightful Wisdom & Courageous Love!
10/7/20 21m Mother Mary Mother Mary Elevates Us Beyond Fear to Experience Divine Love and Peace
10/6/20 24m Hercules Hercules Speaks on Pure Faith
9/30/20 27m Hilarion Hilarion: Befriending Truth, Honoring Truth, Embodying Truth
9/30/20 9m Hilarion Hilarion: I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life!
9/29/20 13m Michael Believe in the Reality of Your Prayers to Galvanize the Hosts of Heaven!
9/18/20 24m El Morya The Karmic Board & El Morya The Karmic Board and El Morya: The State of Affairs on Planet Earth and in America
9/25/20 1h 29m David Lewis Diamond Crystal Purity Service - Sept. 25, 2020
9/20/20 26m Goddess of Liberty Goddesses of Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Truth
9/19/20 22m Saint Germain Saint Germain: I AM Aquarius Manifest as Light, Love and Joy
9/19/20 27m Divine Director Divine Director: Our Strength is in Our Unity
9/16/20 1h 2m Hilarion The Hour of Truth - Service #8 by Hilarion
9/9/20 29m Hilarion The Hour of Truth - Message #7 by Hilarion
9/8/20 19m Afra You, One with God, Are a Player on the Field of Light
9/8/20 16m David Lewis Your Love, Respect, and Reverence for Life Helps the Golden Crystal Age Manifest
9/5/20 17m Saint Germain Saint Germain Speaks on God-Love as the Solution to the Current Plandemic
9/2/20 5m Hilarion The Hour of Truth - Message #6 by Hilarion: How to Invest in Truth to Build a Reservoir of Truth for the Legions of Truth
9/1/20 27m El Morya El Morya Re-establishes Our Moorings in the Will of God
9/1/20 18m El Morya Twenty-five New Quips from El Morya
8/28/20 14m Sir Vector Sir Vector on Peace and The Holy City
8/28/20 6m Sir Vector Sir Vector on the Twelve Aspects of Peace
8/28/20 38m Sir Vector Sir Vector Darshan: How Do You Experience Your Divine Presence as a Tangible Reality?
8/26/20 10m Hilarion The Hour of Truth - Message #5 by Hilarion
8/23/20 37m Jesus Darshan with Jesus - Answers to Questions from Scandinavian Heartfriends
8/23/20 10m God Meru God and Goddess Meru: Accept Our Solar Rays of Light Within Earth Now!
8/23/20 11m Solara Solara and Solarus: Creating an Aquarian Solar Civilization
8/23/20 16m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara and Venus: Our Venusian Blessing to Seal Your Spirits in Cosmic Love
8/22/20 16m Himalaya Lord Himalaya: Enter the Blue Lotus Radiance of My Heart
8/22/20   Divine Director Divine Director: You are Initiates of a New Aquarian World of Joy!
8/22/20 30m SIR, The Lord of the World of Sirius SIR, Lord of Sirius: Sirius Supports Earth in This Time of Travail!
8/21/20 15m Vaivasvata Manu Vaivasvata Manu: Ancient Cycles of Light are Coming to Fruition Now!
8/21/20 13m Nada Lady Master Nada: Become a Master of All the Rays
8/21/20 20m Queen of Light Queen of Light: A Dispensation for Scandinavia from Omega
8/19/20 37m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #4
8/19/20 8m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #4 - New Truffles of Truth
8/18/20 11m David Lewis Five Recently Ascended Masters Appear at the Healing Light Retreat
8/18/20 21m Glad-a-Lot Guy Hudson: Holding Purity of Heart for Ourselves and Others
8/18/20 5m God Harmony God-Harmony: Master the Emotional Body and Claim Your Divine Abundance
8/9/20 1h 17m Saint Germain Saint Germain Returns to Chicago with a Message of Freedom and Hope
8/12/20 13m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #3 - The Nine Choirs of Angels and the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
8/12/20 23m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #3 - Discernment is the Requirement of the Hour
8/11/20 33m Michael Archangel Michael Delivers Divine Support and Protection for Righteous Police and Peace Officers
8/4/20 4m Hercules Hercules Ratifies Blue-Sphere Calls of Heartfriends to El Morya
8/4/20 9m David Lewis Loving God with Your Whole Being